Theo Nicolakis positively reviewed the Polk Audio Signa S1 for the IDG property TechHive in an article titled, "Polk Audio Signa S1 soundbar review: This budget speaker is a big improvement over the built-in audio in most TV´s." Nicolakis positions the soundbar as an affordable option for those looking to boost their TV’s audio and awards the soundbar a 4/5 rating.

Nicolakis highlighted the Signa S1’s high-quality performance despite its small footprint, as well as its affordable price. He states, “This soundbar and wireless subwoofer comes in super-slim package at a budget price for those wanting to hear what they’ve been missing from their TV’s built-in audio.” 

In addition, he thought setup was effortless and the soundbar’s audio quality and voice enhancement capabilities were very solid. While he did note some distortion at high volumes, this didn’t sway Nicolakis’ positive opinion: “Polk’s Signa S1 soundbar does an excellent job of elevating your listening experience beyond the limitations of your TV’s built-in speakers, and for an extremely modest investment. If you’re on a strict budget, the Polk Signa S1 should be on your short list to audition.”