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Marantz Cinema | Sound for What You See

Sound For What You See

Listen and watch differently with the new Marantz CINEMA series. With artisanal craftsmanship, inspired design, and 70 years of innovation. This is cinematic sound, redefined. That means sound that’s better than the theatre, to reveal entertainment the way it’s meant to be heard.

Bring home the sound of cinema.

Sounds Better than the Theatre

Experience the flowing immersion of cinematic sound. The powerful Marantz HDAM design and the latest AV formats come together to deliver an immersive 3D soundscape that puts you in the picture.

Crafted by Artisans

Engineered in Japan and hand-tuned by our in-house Sound Master, each piece is expertly crafted for home cinema. The result: entertainment as it’s meant to be heard.

Advanced Technology

The new CINEMA Series high-performance sound is driven by state-of-the-art technology and features, including the latest in immersive audio formats, 8k video, room optimisation, streaming and more. Hear what you’ve been missing.

Sleek and Streamlined

Luxurious accents, elevated materials, and inspired style add up to sound that fits beautifully in your home.

Elegantly Effortless

Listen and watch with sound that’s tailored to you. The CINEMA Series is effortless. It is easy to use, install and manage, with integrated voice assistants, a modern TV interface, and greater customisation than ever before.

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