The entertainment industry isthriving, and the main reason for this is the fact that most people consume afew hours’ worth of movies, music, and video content every day. The amount ofaudio and visual content that you take in daily often goes unnoticed, untilsomething disrupts easy viewing and listening. Central to what we findenjoyable is not only being entertained by fast-paced action scenes, thecrescendo in an operatic piece, or your child’s first-grade school play homevideo, but also the quality of what we are seeing and hearing.


Audio equipment is exceptionallycrucial when it comes to the kind of output you wish to receive. A speaker thatproduces tinny, distorted, or warbling sounds is likely not of good quality. Ifmusic, movies, and television shows are a priority in your life, you will wantto invest in a speaker that performs well, regardless of the volume or strainunder which it is placed.


The Origin of Klipsch


In 1946, Paul W. Klipsch firstinvented the Klipschorn speaker in his small, tin shed in Arkansas, USA. Tryingto bring live music into his own home, Klipsch succeeded in pioneering a rangeof sound systems the quality of which nobody had ever yet seen (or heard).Today, we enjoy the seamlessly designed and extensive product ranges thatKlipsch manufactures and sells globally. Below are some of the most popularseries that Klipsch currently has on offer.


1.     Heritage


This series was designed andassembled in Hope, Arkansas (right where the brand began). Every speaker in theHeritage series is available in one of three wood finishes, namely black ash,walnut, and cherry wood. Models like the Forte III have maintained thatlasting, classic elegance, while incorporating premium sound engineering.


2.     Architectural


For fans of home improvement andDIY renovation, the Architectural series introduces audio equipment thatflawlessly blends in with the rest of your home to provide high-quality soundand custom-installation options. Whether you need in-ceiling, in-wall, oron-wall products, this series will have a speaker for you.


3.     Outdoor


Finding a speaker that performsfaultlessly regardless of the season or weather is rare, but with an outdoorrange as impressive as Klipsch’s, you will not find any better. Ideal forparties on the terrace, poolside braais, and even family time on the patio, theOutdoor line will make any occasion perfect, come rain or shine.


4.     Home Audio


The Home Audio series introducesthe best floor-standing, bookshelf, computer, powered, and multi-room wirelessspeakers and subwoofers. Regardless of the needs you may have, each product inthe series is built to invite beautiful, perfect sound into the room.


5.     Home Theatre


Home theatre systems make all thedifference when just watching and listening is not enough – you need to beenveloped in the action. On-wall, surround-sound, and centre-channel speakersand sound bars all bring your chosen entertainment to life, so that you canfeel, experience, and live it.


If you would like to delve intothe world of state-of-the-art audio output, then feel free to contact us forassistance on product prices, brochures, and stockists near you.