The South African energy crisisis something that inconveniences us at the best of times. Apart from constantload-shedding, however, is our desire to commit to a smaller carbon footprint.It is essential that as individuals, families, and companies, we strive toconserve energy for the good of our country and the globe as a whole.


While running a busy household orbusiness, it may be difficult to pay much attention to the energy we use inexcess. After all, leaving one light on throughout the night may not have asignificant impact just once. The problem arises when there is a gradualbuild-up of energy wastage of which we, as consumers, are unaware. Thesolution? Automated lighting.


Automated lighting is not merelya convenient system one implements in a building; it is also one of the bestways to save on that electricity bill and remain mindful of the environmenttoo. Automated lighting has made such a positive impact, in fact, that NavigantResearch has predicted that by 2026, we will see up to 73 million smartstreetlights installed in cities across the globe. If you are not keen onintroducing such a new system to your home just for the energy-saving benefits,then there are tons of other advantages too.


You Can Set a Routine


A smart system in your home orbusiness means that you can set timers to create some structure. The oneroustask of getting the kids to bed, for example, is aided when the playroom'slight gradually begins to dim a few hours before they need to sleep.


Clean Up Your Wall Space


There is no need for multiplelight switches scattered across your walls when automated lighting allows youto control it all through one, centralised system. Now, that is seamlessstyle!


You Will Feel Safer


Intruders do not like to breakinto a well-lit property, as it only increases their chances of being caught.Whether you are at home or not, automated lighting will keep you safer byautomatically lighting the outside areas while it's dark outside. It alsomaintains a routine within the home or business while you are away, so it lookslike people are present.


Manage Your Own Productivity


Upon waking – even on those dark,winter mornings – we need light to inform our bodies that it's time to get up. Whengoing to bed at night, it's challenging to fall asleep if faced with too muchlight stimulating our waking state. It is in this way that the lightsurrounding us influences our mood and energy levels. So, whether you wish tocreate some ambience for that dinner date or increase the productivity of youremployees at midday, automated lighting can help you with a smooth, barelynoticeable transition.


At Homemation, we are continuallyon the lookout for the latest in energy-saving, life-simplifying technology.With automation systems from brands like Control4 and Lutron, you can lookforward to all of the above benefits and more. For any questions or queries,please feel free to contact us today.