A family picnic in the park or a braaiat a friend’s house is not the same without some music to set the mood. Withthe right jams, you can get everybody tapping their feet or completely relaxingat the selection of a new track. Unfortunately, not everyone has an outdoor ormobile speaker that they can take along everywhere. Gatherings often seesomeone playing a few songs on low-quality phone speakers that crackle anddiminish the depth of audio. If you are over not having great sound to get theparty started, then you may want to look into Bluetooth speakers.


Why They Work So Well


Bluetooth speakers are wirelessdevices that require no cable connection to an audio source. Standard speakers,for example, must be plugged into your television, computer, or smart device inorder to produce sound. Bluetooth speakers make use of airwaves to wirelesslyreceive audio from another source. Having nothing to plug in means that suchdevices usually run on powerful batteries that last a few hours and can betaken virtually anywhere.


The Pros and Cons


A wireless device only really hastwo setbacks: a battery which means it must be charged and the fact that itwill not perform as powerfully as a large home theatre speaker. Don’t let thesecons fool you, however – Bluetooth speakers often have ample battery life tokeep the fun going and are powerful enough to deliver top-notch sound for theirsize. On the other hand, the benefits of purchasing one include:


  • Portability, which means you can travel with your music everywhere – from your office to the beach.


  • Designs in compact sizes that comfortably fit in a backpack. No more lugging about those bulky devices.


  • They work with just about any wireless-compatible device, such as smartphones, laptops, televisions, and tablets.


  • Depending on your chosen brand, you can select a product with larger drivers and stronger amplifier modules – which means that you can essentially get huge sound from a surprisingly compact design.


Finding the Right Model


Not everyone has the same audioneeds or even the same budget in mind. Your purchase will depend solely uponyour requirements. Regardless of your price range, however, it would be farbetter to purchase a lower range product from a reputable brand. Keep in mindthat expensive brands are not necessarily good brands – so do some research.Pay attention to reviews and product specifications. If possible, try torequest a demo of the model to get a feel for your potential purchase. Thesedays, Bluetooth speakers are dustproof, waterproof, and so lightweight that youcan truly select something that works for your lifestyle.


The Homemation Promise


At Homemation, we have worked inthe industry long enough to understand which brands always live up to the hype.We, therefore, refer clients to products of the highest quality within theirbudget. If you are shopping for Bluetooth speakers and need some assistance,contact us today, and we will help you get in touch with a retailer near you.