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Just Add Power 2G+ POE Transmitter

Just Add Power 2G+ POE Transmitter


Just Add Power


Just Add Power 2G+ POE Transmitter

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Retail: R 13 990.00


The new standard in
HDMI matrix technology
The Just Add Power 2G+ Enhanced PoE Transmitter has all of
the features of 2G models, with these hardware additions:
• Stereo output with audio delay
• CEC Control
• USB 2.0 over IP
• Null Modem-integrated RS232
• HDMI Pass-through

Compatible with all 2G products
CEC control
Locking HDMI cable
HDMI Pass-through
RS232 with integrated null modem
Stereo audio output + 170ms audio delay
USB 2.0 over IP
All 2G features
• Stereo or multi-channel audio
• Instant-seamless Switching
• Video Wall
• Image Pull
• 2-way RS232 control
No Brochures