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CYP Stereo Lip Sync Corrector AU-D18

CYP Stereo Lip Sync Corrector AU-D18




CYP Stereo Lip Sync Corrector AU-D18

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Retail: R 2 200.00


The AU-D18 analogue stereo Lip Sync Corrector is a small device for correcting audio lip sync issues. This solution features a manually adjustable timing selector dial which can be adjusted so that the users may fine tune the timing of the audio so that it is in sync with the video signal, overcoming any annoying sound mismatch to the display or amplifier.

Lip Sync corrector with adjustable delay between 0 & 300ms
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Compatible with a 2 Phono stereo audio signal
Up to 24 bit audio resolution
Adjust analogue audio signal timing to compensate for video signal delays in AV system