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CYP HDCP Colur Bandwidth Converter HDMI

CYP HDCP Colur Bandwidth Converter HDMI




CYP HDCP Colur Bandwidth Converter HDMI

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Retail: R 3 850.00


The XA-HDCP is designed to enable installers to manage HDCP (High-Bandwidth Definition Content Protection) signals. Since the introduction of HDCP2.2, which is not backwards compatible with previous versions, installers face the challenge of managing copy protected content to allow AV signals to be integrated into any AV system. This device converts HDCP2.2 signals to a lower HDCP format enabling AV content to be easily integrated into a system which uses non-HDCP2.2 compliant devices, thus eliminating the need to upgrade all devices in the signal path to be HDCP2.2 compliant.

In addition to converting HDCP signals, the XA-HDCP can also analyse the content bandwidth, HDCP, EDID and Colourspace status of the inputted signal. Further features include the ability to upload EDID settings to a PC application which allows the user to create alternative EDID settings for specific applications. In addition, the XA-HDCP also acts as a HDMI repeater which equalises and recovers TMDS data before re-transmitting, thus ensuring optimal quality regardless of the incoming signal. This equalisation and repeater function enables the HDMI cable distance to be extended 5m from the output at full 4K (6G) resolution.

Control is via the direct selection keys, which allow easy switching between modes, and status LED's provide 'at-a-glance' viewing of the device status.

HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, HDCP1.4 and DVI compliant
Supports input source and output display signal analysis up to 6G 4K2K
Supports bandwidth down converting from 6G to 3G
Supports EDID signal management from internal, external, and user’s EDID to be inserted
Supports application control via USB
Supports LED status display
Supports USB firmware update