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Monitor Audio Radius Stand (White)

Speakers as beautiful as the new Radius 90 and 45 are just too good for a conventional stand. So we’ve designed an all-metal floor support that complements the profile of both speakers, transforming the assembly into a slender unity fit for any room. Standing at around a metre tall, the combination places the speaker at the perfect listening height and looks elegantly streamlined while occupying minimal floor space. The Radius stand is constructed using ARC® material, which acts to dampen vibrations, so you hear only the speaker. For convenience and a superior wire-free appearance, high quality pure-copper cable runs internally from terminals at the floor to terminal forks at the top, onto which the speaker simply pushes.

Model Code: RADSTW
Retail: R 3 690.00

Monitor Audio Radius 200 (Black Gloss)

The Radius 200 centre-channel speaker is designed for rack or shelf mounting in a dedicated home theatre system and room. The driver configuration mirrors that of the 225, and so the 200 has the pedigree and fire-power to capture the detailed dynamics and vocal textures of today’s high definition movie soundtracks. Placed front and centre in a serious AV system, the still compact Radius 200 will anchor the entire sound field with life-like fidelity.

Model Code: SRAD200BL
Retail: R 5 490.00

Monitor Audio Radius 225 (Black Gloss)

The slender Radius 225 is even slimmer than its predecessor. At just 65mm in depth, the 225 is the perfect match with today’s ultra-thin displays. Use it as a centre channel or main speaker: its acoustic design of twin 4” (100mm) C-CAM® mid/bass drivers astride a 1” (25mm) C-CAM tweeter delivers superb accuracy from horizontal and vertical positions.

Model Code: SRAD225BL
Retail: R 7 390.00

Monitor Audio Radius 270 (Black Gloss)

The Radius 270 makes an emphatic design statement in any room and in both music and AV systems. It offers the naturally fluid full-range sound of our acclaimed hi-fi speaker ranges in an elegantly proportioned tower, which is easy to position and simply radiates lifestyle appeal. Its statuesque cabinet houses a precision-crafted Radius driver system of twin 100mm (4”) C-CAM® mid/bass drivers and a 25mm (1”) C-CAM tweeter.

Model Code: SRAD270BL
Retail: R 18 990.00

Monitor Audio Radius 380 (Black Gloss)

Monitor Audio Radius 380 (Black Gloss)
The Radius 380’s twin side-firing 8" C-CAM drivers - one active and one passive ABR - work in tandem with a powerful 140 W cool-running Class D amplifier (double the power of its predecessor). The drivers have no grilles but are colour-coded to coordinate with cabinet finish. A 12 V trigger syncs the 380 with other AV components when the system is activated.
18 mm MDF cabinet construction with internal bracing
Cool-running 140 W Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPSU)
Twin side-firing 8" C-CAM drivers - one active and one passive ABR
Low pass filter switch – for LFE or Stereo input selection
Power switch with ON – Auto- Off/ trigger settings
Stereo/ LFE RCA inputs
3 x Pre-set EQ settings – Music/Movie/Impact

System Format
Active sub-woofer system – Auxiliary (ABR) loading. 18 mm MDF cabinet

Lower Frequency Limit
30 Hz (- 6 dB)

Upper Frequency Limit
Variable 40 – 120 Hz @ 24 dB/Octave

Amplifier Output
140 Watts @ 1% THD+N

Amplifier Classification
Class D amplifier with Switch mode power supply (SMPSU)

Bass EQ Profiles
Music / Movie / Impact

Phase Control
0 & 180 degrees

Auto Sensing
Line Level >3.5mV

Input Level Requirements
Standby after approximately 15 minutes if no signal sensed

Drive Unit Complement
1 x 8” (200 mm) C-CAM long throw driver 1 x 8” (200 mm) ABR

Input Impedance
> 20 ohms

Mains Input Voltage
AC 110 - 120 V ~ 50/60Hz;  AC 220 - 240 V ~ 50/60Hz (Factory Region Preset)

Dimensions (Including Amp and Feet (H x W x D))
308 x 290 x 305 mm (121/8 x 117/16 x 12")

Stereo RCA in, LFE in, 12v Trigger in  (3.5 mm mono mini-jack)

Trigger Input
5 - 12v via 3.5 mm mono mini-jack socket

Power Consumption
200 Watts / 0.5 Watts in Standby  (ErP approved)

Weight (unpacked)
10.16 kg (22 lb 6 oz)

Model Code: SRAD380BL
Retail: R 13 590.00

Monitor Audio Radius 390 (Black Gloss)

The Radius 390 demolishes assumptions of size versus performance. With every earth-shaking transient, you’ll be more convinced that the compact 390 is truly ‘ground-breaking’ in form and function. A system of twin colour-coded 10” C-CAM® active/ABR drivers is powered by a 220W Class D amplifier to expand levels of output and extension.

Model Code: SRAD390BL
Retail: R 16 390.00

Monitor Audio Radius 45 (Black Gloss)

The diminutive Radius 45 cube is the epitome of Radius innovation: a speaker so small has no right to sound as good as it does, yet miraculously the 45 reveals astonishing mid-range clarity and high frequency ambience from its 3” (75mm) MMP®II mid-bass driver and rear-firing 3/4” (19mm) C-CAM® tweeter.

Model Code: SRAD45BL
Retail: R 5 490.00

Monitor Audio Radius 90 (Black Gloss)

The original hi-fi mini monitor, and respected by all. Radius 90 continues to evolve, delivering a greater size-defying performance than ever before. New Radius 90 incorporates a 4” (100mm) C-CAM® bass driver and 1” (25mm) C-CAM tweeter for a tuneful, controlled and powerful sound.

Model Code: SRAD90BL
Retail: R 9 450.00

Monitor Audio Radius ONE (Black Gloss)

The RadiusONE takes over from the original Radius soundbar with a beefed up driver complement in a purer, acoustically-matched configuration. It incorporates a string of C-CAM® drivers arranged in three sets of 100mm (4”) bass driver/ 25mm (1”) tweeter pairings, each with its own dedicated reflex-ported chamber. It’s a bit like three Radius 90s in a single convenient cabinet, contoured to match the widescreen aesthetics of larger flat TVs.

Model Code: SRAD1BL
Retail: R 13 390.00

Monitor Audio Speaker Mount (Black)

The MASM Mount is the ideal solution for users looking to free up floor or desk space.

It allows placement on either wall or ceiling and comes with a ball joint connection to allow convenient positioning and is compatible with the Bronze 1MASS SatelliteRadius 45 and Radius 90.

Model Code: MASMB
Retail: R 415.00