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Monitor Audio CP-IW460X Inwall

The luxury CP-IW260X and CP-IW460X in-wall speakers combine Monitor Audio’s latest drivers in compact three-way, five-driver configurations, built into closed-box designs to deliver optimum audio performance. The CP-IW460X features Monitor Audio’s signature C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) cone material with RST® (Rigid Surface Technology) deployed in dual 6.5” bass drivers and twin 4” mids astride a gold ribbon tweeter in a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ configuration. All within a cast polymer cabinet with die-cast Aluminium baffle.

  • Dual 6.5” C-CAM® bass drivers featuring RST® ‘dimpled’ cone technology
  • Die-cast alloy bass driver chassis provides rigidity; results in punch bass and clean mid-range performance due to reduced transfer of vibrations
  • Dual 4” C-CAM mid-range drivers featuring RST ‘dimpled’ cone and underhung voice coil technologies
  • C-CAM Ribbon High Frequency transducer
  • Innovative HF rotating system to facilitate portrait or landscape orientation
  • Integrated back-box to provide rear sound isolation resulting in ‘controlled performance’
  • Cast Polymer enclosure – designed to provide high degree of rigidity and acoustic damping properties
  • High overall efficiency and maximum SPL for powerful home theatre installations
  • High power handling
  • Three-way design in a symmetrical ‘B-M-T-M-B’ configuration
  • High-end crossover design – featuring low loss inductors and audiophile grade Polypropylene capacitors
  • Patented Tri-Grip® fixing system is easier to install than conventional clamping systems providing three times the surface area and improved sealing
  • Trim-less, low profile magnetic grilles provide attractive, discreet visual aspect and easy installation and servicing
  • Paintable grille to blend with the living environment
  • High quality bi-wire terminal connections – provide increase in performance particularly when a bi-amplifier configuration is specified.

Model Code: SCPIW460X
Retail: R 26 390.00

Monitor Audio Gold100 (Piano Black)

The Gold 100 is a larger two-way stand mount speakerfeaturing a 6.5" RST® bass driver and C-CAM® ribbon. Operating with theperformance of a typical 8" driver, our proprietary 6.5" designprovides higher overall efficiency with dynamic headroom to deliver impressivebass extension and control. The 100's uncomplicated 2-way configuration renderscomplex material with tonal accuracy and perfect timing. Optional, dedicatedfloor stands are available.

Model Code: SG100B
Retail: R 29 390.00

Monitor Audio Gold150 (Piano Black)

The ultra-compact Gold C150 centre speaker is small enoughto fit into most AV racks and is designed to match the smaller Gold speakers ina more bijou home theatre configuration. However, because it shares tonalcharacteristics with all models, its capabilities are also compatible with any'Gold' system design. The Gold C150's lustrous sealed cabinet is home to twin5.5" drivers and the ribbon in a two way orientation, providing superiordispersion across a range from 50Hz to 60kHz.

Model Code: SGC150B
Retail: R 15 290.00

Monitor Audio Gold200 (Piano Black)

Gold 200, the first of new Gold's floor-standers is also the most compact. Amazing scale and impressive dynamic control are available from this slender three-way design, comprising the improved pair matched ribbon,twin 5.5" bass drivers and a 4" mid-range driver, which is housed in a dedicated enclosure. With high overall efficiency, wide bandwidth and vanishingly low distortion, the Gold 200's Platinum DNA is ready to be experienced.

Model Code: SG200B
Retail: R 53 890.00

Monitor Audio Gold350 (Piano Black)

The Gold C350 centre speaker is a no-compromise centrechannel solution for serious home theatre installations. Its three-way, fourdriver configuration mirrors that of the Gold 300, although the bass driversare tuned to work in the Gold C350's sealed cabinet. Unsurprisingly the C350 isthe perfect match for its floor-standing counterpart, producing frequencies from40Hz to beyond 60 kHz. A neutral tonal balance and distortion-free sound givethe C350 the ability to project crystal-clear dialogue and mid-range detail atany volume.

Model Code: SGC350B
Retail: R 23 390.00

Monitor Audio Gold50 (Piano Black)

The sculpted low-diffraction cabinet of the Gold 50 houses asingle 5.5" RST® bass driver and C-CAM® ribbon. The bass driver exhibitsthe low frequency extension and power handling of a much larger transducerwhile the excellent C-CAM ribbon soars beyond conventional tweeter domes to astratospheric 60 kHz. Consequently the Gold 50 combines the frequency range ofthe finest studio monitors with dynamics that defy its modest dimensions.Optional, dedicated floor stands are available, which can be filled to providethe ultimate foundation for the best possible sound quality.

Model Code: SG50B
Retail: R 21 990.00

Monitor Audio GoldFX (Piano Black) **Pair**

Amazing as it may seem, the Gold FX's slim wall-huggingprofile incorporates no fewer than six drivers. In monopole mode for discreteside or rear sound channels its front-firing 6 ½" RST® bass/mid-driver andC-CAM® ribbon transducer deliver accurate ultra-wideband sound to match thetonal balance of any 'Gold' speaker combination. In dipole mode the Gold FXuses two pairs of side firing 4" C-CAM bass/mid drivers and 25mm C-CAMgold-dome tweeters, combined with the tailored output from the front-firingbass/mid driver to provide wonderfully diffuse yet tonally precise surroundeffects. The Gold FX can be flush-mounted on side or rear walls. Installationis made easy by the inclusion of a 'sloppy fit' wall bracket, which allowslevelling and adjustment prior to fixing.

Model Code: SGFXBpr
Retail: R 32 590.00

Monitor Audio GX Speaker Stand

Rigid speaker stands for the GX50 and GX100 bookshelf speakers.

Model Code: SGXST
Retail: R 6 290.00