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Definitive Mythos On-wall Nine L/C/R

Definitive Mythos On-wall Nine L/C/R


Definitive Technology


Definitive Mythos On-wall Nine L/C/R

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Retail: R 19 590.00


On-Wall, On-Shelf Loudspeaker

Let perfromance and elegance fill the room
If the look impresses you, just wait until you hear it. The Mythos® Nine is tall, slim and proportioned to complement large flat screen TVs when used as a left/right speaker, or as a center speaker for sets 42" and smaller. The performance owes its power to BDSS™ drivers and racetrack bass radiators that effortlessly outperform other on-wall speakers in its class. When people think of state-of-the-art home theater, the Mythos® Series is what comes to mind.

Technology to Admire
BDSS™ drivers and racetrack planar bass radiators put the Mythos® Nine ahead of the competition in purpose-built performance. Hear and feel high performance audio at its finest.

PolyStone™ Non-Resonant Baffle
The precision blend of materials in the speaker baffle give Mythos® Series speakers yet another advantage in creating an environment free from noise interference.

Versatility is its Virtue
With a wall mount bracket that also adapts to flat panel TV swing arm-style wall mounts, and an adjustable foot that facilitates shelf mounting in horizontal orientation, the Mythos® Nine quickly adapts whenever you decide to change your mind.