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B+W CT8 CC Black Painted

Bowers & Wilkins CT8 CC Custom Theatre Centre Speaker Single

High end Custom Theatre  Centre Speaker.

The CT8 CC is the perfect centre speaker for the ultimate home theatre experience. The same driver line up as the CT8 LR make for a seamless experience.

Model Code: FP22501
Retail: R 194 990.00

B+W CT8 LR Black Painted

B+W CT8 LR Black Painted

Bowers & Wilkins CT8 LR Custom Theater Speaker (Each)
Probably the most technologically advanced, custom installation home theatre speaker the world has ever seen or heard.

Front speaker:
CT8 LRStationed to the left and right of the screen are two upright speakers. The CT8 LR features a spherical midrange/tweeter head that can be tilted towards the listener to retain a focused delivery, plus twin10” bass units, as in the surround speaker.

For the Custom Theatre range, we have taken our development of the Nautilus™-derived tube-loaded tweeter a stage further. Following the same principle as our adaptation of the midrange tube (see opposite), we’ve replaced the single, long tube with a whirl of tightly-packed, smaller channels contained in a shallow cup, each of which absorbs a portion of the unwanted sound energy from the back of the diaphragm. Even at frequencies well beyond human hearing, this tweeter sings like a bird.

Technical features – Adjustable midrange/tweeter headKevlar®brand fibre cone FST™midrangeComposite sandwich cone bassMatrix cabinetActive bass crossover later alignment device

Description – 3-way closed-box system

Frequency range – -6dB at 23Hz and 40kHz

Sensitivity – 93dB spl (2.83V, 1m) (mf/hf)

Nominal impedance – 8?(minimum 4?)

Recommended amplifier power – 50W – 1000W into 8? on unclipped programme

Max. recommended cable impedance – 0.1?

Dimensions – Height:1100mm (43.3 in)Width:325mm (12.8 in)Depth:550mm (21.65 in)

Net weight – 85kg (187 lb)

Model Code: FP22485
Retail: R 194 990.00

B+W CT8 SW Passive Black Painted

B+W CT8 SW Passive Black Painted

Bowers & Wilkins CT8 SW In Wall Passive Subwoofer

Custom Theatre Passive Subwoofer. This passive subwoofer is designed to be used with the CT8 LR front channel speaker. It is important to note that a Power Amp is needed. 

Model Code: FP22549
Retail: R 59 990.00

B+W CT8 XO MK2 Active Crossover 230v EC

BOWERS & WILKINS Custom Theatre 800 Series - Active Crossover CT8 XO MK2 Active Crossover 230v EC

Pulling all the CT800 elements together is the rack-mount CT8 XO active crossover/equalizer. One is included with each Front, Centre and Surround speaker. Designed to the standards of high-end audiophile electronics, the CT8 XO incorporates midrange/bass/subwoofer crossover filtering, remote control of surround dispersion mode, high- and low-frequency level adjustment, and three parametric equalizers to enable compensation for low-frequency speaker/room interface effects. Either balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA Phono input and output connections are available.

Technology is nothing without control and the CT8 XO provides control to mould the Nautilus-inspired CT800 speakers to fit almost any viable high-end custom install scheme. The combination of CT8 XO and CT800 speakers brings custom install to new levels. You can customize the room, you can customize the furniture, now you can customize the acoustics.

Model Code: FP26859
Retail: R 53 990.00

B+W CT8.2 LCR Black

B+W CT8.2 LCR Black

Want a vertical front-channel speaker for your home cinema, or a horizontal one? The CT8.2 LCR can be either, thanks to its unique modular baffle design, and sound quality in the hands of twin bass drivers, a dedicated midrange and a large metal dome tweeter.

The CT8.2 LCR is the latest addition to the very successful CT800 Series. It marries high efficiency and SPL capability to outstanding fidelity for cinema and music playback. Its unique modular baffle design allows for it to be used as an LCR speaker in either vertical or horizontal positions. The CT8.2 LCR incorporates two 8” Paper/Aramid Fibre woofer, a 6” blue Aramid Fibre FST midrange, and 1.25” aluminium Nautilus tweeter in a passive crossover design.

Paper/Aramid Fibre bass unit cone Aramid Fibre FST midrange cone Speakon and binding post connectors

3-way open-box system

Model Code: FP28637
Retail: R 115 990.00

B+W CT8.4 LCRS Black

B+W CT8.4 LCRS Black

CT8.4 LCRS 3-way Closed-Box System
The CT8.4 LCRS is an all-rounder for home theater installations: its more compact vertical layout makes it ideal for surround applications to create immersive sound, but it's also powerful enough to be used for front left, right and center channels.

An addition B&W's top-of-the-range Custom Theatre 800 Series, which brings the same legendary technology used in B&W’s 800 Series of stand-alone speakers to your home theatre set-up. The CT8.4 LCRS is designed as an alternative to the CT8 DS side/rear channel speaker when space is at a premium.

The CT8.4 LCRS is a smaller, more compact vertical surround sound speaker that generates exactly the same authentically three-dimensional listening experience. It also packs enough power to act as a stand-alone loudspeaker positioned front, side and rear within a complete custom theatre system.

Model Code: FP27057
Retail: R 69 990.00