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36X Day & Night WDR 650TVL Speed D

36X Day & Night WDR 650TVL Speed D




36X Day & Night WDR 650TVL Speed D

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Retail: R 22 490.00


The IPS8364 / IPS8368 is 36X Day & Night WDR 650TVLSpeed Dome IP Camera. The high-speed dome is capable of streaming HD video atup to 30FPS. Featuring LILIN’s Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature, the IPS8364 /IPS8368captures highlights and shadows simultaneously, eliminating pixilationand smear. Combine this with 3D noise reduction technology and adaptive tonereproduction and the contrast of images in bright or dark areas is dramaticallyimproved. Capable of making 360° continuous rotations, users can accuratelyposition the camera to identify specific targets. The 36x optical zoom givesthe IPS8364/IPS8368 an impressive range. With a focal length of 3.3?119mm,256 digital zoom, 650horizontal TV lines, and up to 128 programmable presetpositions, an IP66 weatherproof rating and a compact design, the IPS8364 /IPS8368 is ideal for numerous applications.

36X Optical Zoom Lens(3.3–119mm)
• 256X Digital Zoom
• 650 Horizontal TV Lines
• True H.264 AVC/MPEG-4 part 10 real-time video compression
• H.264 and Motion JPEG multi-profile video streaming
• Wide Dynamic Range
• 2D+3D Digital Noise Reduction
• High Light Compensation
• Digital Image Stabilizer
• Dynamic Privacy Zone Masking
• Up to 128 Programmable Preset Positions
• 2-way audio supported
• ONVIF supported