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Pakedge 20-Outlet Intelligent PDU

The P20/P20E is a complete power control solution for A/V and smart networks. It was designed with one function in mind – to keep your power managed devices operating when you want them to, and turned off when you want them to. This is accomplished through a suite of technologies and features that enable the PDU to be monitored, configured and operating autonomously through the local network, or remotely through the cloud. The Pakedge P20/P20E is a twenty outlet PDU with all twenty ports completely configurable and managed.

The outlets operate in two possible autonomous modes – self healing mode and timer mode. Self-healing mode automatically reboots frozen or non-responsive devices if it doesn’t respond to pings from the built in Auto Ping server. The PDU can be configured to allow the affected units to power up in a controlled sequence in order to ensure that certain units have completed their restart tasks, before the next unit powers up. Timer mode is used to turn devices turned on and off according to the user defined schedule.

The PDU can be turned on and off on-demand through email commands to the PDU, Telnet through the console port and by web browser to the management menu. In addition to manual commands, the PDU can integrate with control and automation systems through the console port.

The P20/P20E is fully compatible with the Bakpak Cloud Management System – unlocking features such as complete remote power management, virtual power grouping, power scheduling, and more.

Ideal For: 
Up to 20 devices to be controlled and power managed
Integration with Control Systems for power management
Integration with networks with existing UPS systems

20 power managed outlets
2 configurable autonomous power management modes – self healing and timer modes
Email, web and telnet commandable
Comprehensive browser based management menu
Controllable by up to 8 separate users
Cloud functions – virtualization, grouped power scheduling and port by port control (through the Bakpak Cloud Management System)
Power protection ready approach – integrates with UPS with no protection loss

Model Code: P20E
Retail: R 14 690.00

Pakedge 2-Outlet Intelligent PDU

Pakedge 2-Outlet Intelligent PDU

Model Code: P2E
Retail: R 5 390.00

Pakedge 8-Outlet Intelligent PDU w/Surge

The PowerPak 8I power distribution unit (PDU) intelligent power management solution with 8 IP-controlled outlets, surge protection, and power conditioning. With the PowerPak 8I’s remote power cycle, power scheduling, and auto-ping features, dealers can remotely manage problematic devices and eliminate unscheduled truck rolls. By integrating Pakedge® BakPak™ network management solution, you now have a powerhouse of remote monitoring and proactive management tools at your fingertips.

Power Management 

PowerPak 8I offers UL1449-certified surge protection and power conditioning to protect your connected devices. With PowerPak PDU voltage protection, set voltage thresholds for the PDU to automatically power off in the event of excess or low voltage. PowerPak 9’s fireproof MOV (metal oxide varistors), an important component of the surge protection, is designed to protect connected devices by absorbing excess voltage within the MOV. With a built-in fuse, voltage is shut-off before the MOV can overheat.

Intelligent Management and Monitoring 

Reduce service calls with remote power cycling and self-healing features for critical and problematic devices. If a reset of the PDU is necessary, with power sequencing you can ensure the modem, router, and additional critical devices for your network reboot and power off in the proper order. Need to schedule for a sensitive device to be power cycled in the middle of the night? No problem, we have you covered there, too.

PowerPak 8I’s web interface offers real-time and historical analytics of voltage, power utilization, and peak current. Global and individual thresholds can be configured for voltage, power, current, and temperature (temperature sensor sold separately). With real-time alerts for thresholds and device status, you can proactively respond and troubleshoot any issue before a client is aware of the problem.

Localized Management and Monitoring 

Homeowners have local access to reboot individual outlets from the PDU’s front panel. The elegant OLED display also provides individual outlet status and measurements for current, power, voltage, and temperature. The buzzer alert feature causes an audible noise directly from the unit if a threshold measurement is exceeded.

BakPak Integration

With BakPak integration, the PowerPak 8I is an important part of your powerhouse network management solution to remotely monitor, manage, and troubleshoot all of your client’s networks from one dashboard.

BakPak offers remote power cycling and monitoring of individual outlets directly from the BakPak web interface and BakPak App. BakPak also offers enhanced monitoring and management features of your PowerPak PDUs, including intelligent alerts, threshold configurations, and secure login to the PDU, eliminating the need for VPN or port forwarding.

BakPak offers a unique management feature that allows you to group PoE+ ports with Pakedge SX-series switches with PowerPak PDU outlets for power cycling and power scheduling of your client’s network.

For more information about BakPak, visit BakPak Network Management.

Control4 Integration 

The new Control4 driver and SDDP integration for the PowerPak 8I allow for automated and programmed outlet control within any Control4 project. Keypads and custom buttons can be configured for the homeowner to seamlessly power cycle problematic devices directly from the Control4 touch screen, on-screen display, or Control4 mobile app. 

Power Management
8 individual IP-controlled outlets with IEC plugs (240V)
UL1449-certified surge protection, up to 6kV surge protection and voltage protection rating (VPR) of 800V
Power conditioning, EMI filters of 30db at 100KHz, 53db at 1MHz
Voltage protection with threshold configuration and instant alerts
Fireproof MOV with built-in fuse and UL94-certified flame rating Rackmountable, rack ears included

Intelligent Management and Monitoring
Remote power cycles, power scheduling, and auto-pings
Power on and off sequencing
Configurable thresholds for global and individual outlets
Intelligent alerts: visual, audible, and email alarms with input voltage, current, and temperature thresholds
Analytic tools for remote troubleshooting

Localized Management and Monitoring
OLED display with individual outlet measurements
Local reboot for individual outlets

Enhanced Features
Integrates with BakPak network management and remote monitoring solution to reduce truck rolls
New Control4 driver and SDDP integration
Add PTH10 temperature sensor (sold separately) for temperature management

Model Code: PE-08I
Retail: R 10 990.00