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Rotel RB1590 Power Amp (Black)

Rotel RB1590 Power Amp (Black)




Rotel RB1590 Power Amp (Black)

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Retail: R 72 690.00


•               Output power 350W per channel,both channels driven, 20Hz-20kHz

•               Twin mono-block construction

•               Slit-foil reservoir capacitors,total 80,000mFd

•               Twin speaker terminals for eachchannel

•               Balanced (XLR) input stages

•               Two stage power-on circuit

•               12-volt trigger control

•               Thermal, over-current andover-voltage protection circuits

•               5U chassis


Rotel'sClass A/B stereo power amplifier is a powerhouse rated at 350 watts per channelinto 8 ohms, both channels driven. Ideal for larger listening rooms and lesssensitive loudspeaker designs that require more power to bring out the bestpossible performance and attain realistic audio dynamics.


TheRB-1590’s impressive capabilities begin with a solid foundation consisting ofmassive twin toroidal transformers custom designed and built by Rotel. Thesetransformers are just part of a rock-solid power supply that includes eightspecial British made BHC capacitors, known for their low loss and quickresponse times, thereby improving high-energy signal transients and dynamicbass performance. These components will continue to supply all of the voltageand current requirements needed, even under the most difficult load conditions.


TheRB-1590 is not based on just raw power alone. Every aspect of its circuit design has been carefully considered andeach component has been selected after extensive and rigorously listeningsessions. Circuit topography has been laid out in a true mono-block designensuring maximum signal separation and better stereo imaging.


TheRB-1590 is for the discerning audio enthusiast and provides the highest levelsof performance.