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Roksan Blak CD Player Charcoal

Roksan Blak CD Player Charcoal




Roksan Blak CD Player Charcoal

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Retail: R 101 740.00


Roksan Blak CD Player Charcoal
The blak CD Player is made for those who wish to extract the very best from their CD collection.
It utilises the finest components available and a superior fully isolated CD drive. The result is one of the best looking and sounding CD players on the market offering spectacular high-end sonic 
Micro-detail and depth of soundstage with an exceptional warmth and musicality that communicates directly with the listener. In addition, there are three digital outputs.

Key Features:
3 x Digital outputs (XLR, Optical & RCA)
2 x Analogue outputs (XLR, RCA)
High-quality standard of DAC chipset for optimum performance
Advanced digital clock for low jitter
Totally isolated disc mechanism to eliminate external vibration and minimise disc errors
Striking design and superlative build quality
Dimmable LED display

Operating System

CD Digital Audio System (CD, CD-R, CD-RW)

Digital Outputs

Optical, RCA, XLR

Analogue Outputs

Stereo RCA, Stereo XLR

Peak Output

4.4 V

Harmonic Distortion

1 kHz, 0 dB less than 0.001 %


1 kHz > 89 dB


Less than 135 ps

Signal to Noise Ratio

> 108 dB

Stop-Band Rejection

> 100 dB

Dimensions (W x H x D)

140 x 440 x 309 mm (Incl. faceplate)
No Brochures