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Russound KT2-88Xi Multiroom Kit

Russound KT2-88Xi Multiroom Kit




Russound KT2-88Xi Multiroom Kit

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Retail: R 142 650.00


The KT2-88x is a complete kit which includes 1 x MCA-88x, 6 x MDK-C6 keypads and 1 x Russound USRC system remote control.

The MCA-88x is now the new pinnacle of the Russound C-Series range, as it provides eight zones of distributed stereo audio from any of eight sources, but also includes a streamer built inside!

By enabling the MCA-88x to have a complete streamer internally it now means that you can have a comprehensive system out of the box! The 'embedded' streamer, is akin to Russound's streaming technology found within the X5 and DMS-3.1, as such the MCA-88x can access thousands of internet radio stations, access music from your NAS drive (or shared music libraries on PC's) and also audio streaming via your Spotify® Connect service!

The new MCA-88x is a powerhouse of distribution, and unlike the smaller MCA-66i features digital amplification, giving 40 watts of power per channel to zones 1 through 6. Zones 7 & 8 have been engineered to accommodate external amplification - and use a 'pre-amp' stage, making it perfect for use with multi-channel power amplifiers for larger zones - or home cinema integration.

This latest generation of C-Series controller/amplifier's also brings some new features to the party. The first noticeable upgrade from the outgoing MCA-C5 is that the MCA-88x now has a quicker and more powerful processor than it's predecessor - meaning that the new controller communicates twice as fast.

The second most noticeable addition is the provision of a dedicated Bluetooth® receiver module embedded within the unit itself. This great addition means that you can remotely situate a Russound BTC-1x receiver module in an appropriate zone (up to 280ft/85m away) and this can be shared with the rest of the system, or utilised as a dedicated 'local' source input for that zone alone. So this means that simple cost effective streaming from mobile devices (Android or iOS) can be simply introduced and used pretty much out of the box - and without a big outlay.

The third and most prominent change in the MCA-88x is the addition of several dedicated digital inputs.As we know the MCA-88x will learn in IR codes for any non-Russound source components, so Russound have provided (alongside analogue inputs) a few digital inputs for the increased ease of integrating products like Apple TV's or Satellite boxes that only have dedicated digital outputs. This is also perfect for ensuring the minimum of lip-sync issues if you are synchronizing HD video switching alongside your Russound audio system