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Mission Statement
In a world ruled by visual communication, where images and pictures are what we all look for first, information need to be presented clearly, sharply, and consistently. To carry out its vision, SIM2 identify and exploit state-of-the-art technologies to create and supply top-quality, innovative display solutions that help people realize new applications, unleash emotions, connect, and improve their living and working standards.

The Values
At SIM2 we are committed to building high quality, top-notch products. SIM2 staff shares values, principles and behaviour that describe the things we are not willing to compromise on in any situation – with our customers, our shareholders, and each other:
- Innovation - SIM2 is committed to promoting and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions.
- Excellence - We strive for excellence every day in all we do, with care and attention applied to the smallest detail. SIM2 is   
  committed to supporting its internal and external clients in a perfect manner.
- Ethics - SIM2 is committed to do what is right with honesty and integrity.
- Accountability - There is no achievement without clearly defined goals and measures. SIM2 is accountable for commitments,
  results, and quality to customers, shareholders, partners and employees.
- Passion - Passionate and enthused about our company, brands, products, and heritage.

The Technologies
SIM2’s front, rear, and short-throw projectors utilize Texas Instruments’ DMDs (Digital Micro-mirror Device), commonly referred to as ‘chips’. DLP display technology from Texas Instruments offers clarity down to the most minute detail, delivering pictures rich with color, contrast and brightness to projectors for business, home, professional venue and digital cinema.

SIM2 HDR display features HDR technology for real-world visual perception of depth, detail, and color: This is because the human eye can instantaneously perceive a dynamic brightness range (5 orders of magnitude out of 14 total on a logarithmic scale - this represents the difference between the brightest light and total absence of light, and includes all the shades in between) far broader than what any display can currently produce (at best, only 3 orders of magnitude). Thanks to the HDR technology, SIM2 was able to design a display that offers five orders of magnitude, delivering images so realistic that the display becomes a window into the world. Both SIM2’s reference monitor (HDR47 6K) and projection system (SIM2 HDR Dual System) provide a REAL HDR visual experience.

During the production process, the smallest to the largest component undergoes the most rigorous quality check of our expertise to ensure superior products with high reliability. SIM2 has always taken great pride in giving our customers the best possible experience from our products by choosing only high-quality materials.