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AMPLIFYING SOUND, ELEVATING LIFEMichi is a flagship series of products built on the history and heritage of Rotel. Michi represents over 55 years of experience coupled with the passion of a family business and ever-growing family of satisfied product owners. Acoustic Elevation. Sonic Evolution. Visual Perfection. Michi, because our reputation is personal.

The optimised, custom designed power supply engineered in every Michi product ensures all critical audio circuits receive dynamic, stabilised power for breath-taking performance. Oversized, in-house manufactured toroidal transformers supported by high efficiency, low ESR slit-foil capacitors deliver ripple free, isolated power to the analog and digital circuits ensuring an accurate reproduction of the audio while maintaining critical tone, rhythm and tempo. 

Musical expression is the true test of character for any audio product and is where the integrity of Michi is most easily recognised. Audition the Michi products to see, feel, and hear audio performance at its best.