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JVC is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated audio and video products that use superior technologies to deliver high quality sound and images. JVC video projectors are used in some of the most demanding applications, from flight simulators to medical imaging to the home theaters of Hollywood directors and devoted enthusiasts. And while there is a JVC projector engineered specifically for each application, they are all based on the same JVC technology – D-ILA.

D-ILA, or Direct-Drive Image Light Amplification, is a JVC-developed technology that delivers unmatched performance,with natural colour reproduction, an image so smooth that it rivals film, and contrast that does justice to the most demanding programme material. Since our first D-ILA projector was launched in 1997, the technology has been employed where nothing but the cleanest, sharpest, most accurate image would suffice. Today, some of the industry’s most sophisticated projectors from the most respected manufacturers use D-ILA technology licensed from JVC.

JVC Products

JVC DLA-NX9BE D-ILA Projector 8K

JVC DLA-N5BE D-ILA Projector 4K

JVC LX-UH1 DLP Projector