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Araknis Networks® understands the importance of modern, seamless connectivity. Picture an install where complex equipment is connected through the cloud, and each piece of your network delivers top speed and incredible performance, wherever you need it. Why settle for anything else?

One Brand. One Solution.
Araknis is your network ecosystem. All our products are crafted to work together with ease, making for a fast, reliable network that is easy to install and update. And since every device is cloud controlled, you can view them all in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. If you ever need to update or reconfigure a device, just use your mobile device – no need to roll a truck.
Seamless installation is the Araknis mantra, which is why every product we carry is crafted with dealer-inspired features. From residential installs to high-rise offices, Araknis will make your net work.

Reliable Is Our Middle Name
Developing a product is one thing. Making sure it performs to expectations is another. Every access point, switch, and router we sell has been put to the test in the Araknis Lab, ensuring strength, quality, and reliability. From temperature testing in our thermal chamber to full bandwidth and surge testing, we push our products to the limit.

Araknis Products

Araknis AN310SWF48 L2 Switch 48+4 FP

Araknis AN210SWR8POE Switch 8+2 RP

Araknis AN210SWF48POE Switch 48+4 FP

Araknis AN310SWR8 L2 Switch 8+2 RP