When you’re not at home and something goes wrong, you panic because you have so many scenarios running through your head. Is the house burning down? Have we been burgled? Is the car gone?

You’re probably also wishing that you had invested in better home security systems. Home security systems which are part of your automation are the ultimate in peace of mind, because you can see exactly what is going on at home from anywhere.

Control4 provides you with the ultimate in home security systems. Whether you are in New York or Durban, you can pick up your smartphone, press a button, and there’s a full view of your home.

You can even view live security camera footage on your mobile device, while remotely connecting and commanding your home. Home security systems that offer security cameras are invaluable when there’s an actual crime taking place at your house, because you can tell your security company what you see, and they’ll know what type of response is necessary.

So, what else about home security systems can be linked to automation? Well, pretty much everything – you can integrate smart locks, sensors, cameras, network video recorders, security panels, and monitoring systems.

All day, every day, the security of your home is in your hands, with the touch of a button on a touch screen, keypad, tablet, or mobile phone.

Assign temporary access codes for deliveries and service workers, or give the kids a unique code which will alert you every time they open the door or go out of the gate. And, you will never be locked out again if you’ve forgotten or lost your keys somewhere, because you can let yourself in by simply giving your security system the right command.

Your home can also respond to things it picks up on your security cameras or sensors. Let’s say a person passes a sensor – you’ll get a text alert on your phone and you can immediately get onto your Control4 app and check who it is.

If you’re all asleep and a window opens in the middle of the night, you can programme your smart home to scream for help by sounding an alarm, and making lights come on and flash. This will probably also scare you half to death, but you can be sure that the intruder will think twice before coming back for a second serving of your smart home security system.

One of the best features of an automated security system is “mockupancy”. This really bamboozles criminals. If you’re away on holiday, you can create the impression that everyone is at home by setting lights to come on and off, and curtains or blinds to close and open. You can even programme the TV and stereo to switch on and off.

Consider the benefits of automation when looking at home security systems. The point is that you’re in control.

Control4 is the answer to being able to protect what you love, whether you’re at home or not.