We are surrounded by sound – allday, every day. Birds chirping, voices of those around us, and even the low humof the refrigerator grace our ears without us noticing. Meaningful sound,however, is more than just background noise. It is the sound we take the timeto appreciate because it is layered, complex, and rich. If your sound system ismissing a little depth and bass, then there is no better way to introduce theseelements than through Polk’s world-renowned subwoofers.


Let’s explore a few reasons whythis investment is one upon which you don’t’ want to miss out.


Why a Subwoofer?


Before we get into how Polkrevolutionised the industry, we must first discuss what subwoofers are. Theyare, in essence, loudspeakers that act as amplifiers. They specialise ingenerating sub-bass and bass audio, which are just very low frequencies thatstandard speakers cannot always produce. These low frequencies may not seemimportant, but most music, movies, and television shows make use of suchsounds. Without this bass, viewers and listeners will miss out on the fullimpact of the piece, losing much of the experience. So, to truly get your heartpumping during your favourite movie’s car chase scene or that intricate pieceof classical music, you will need to invest in a high-quality subwoofer.


All About Polk


In 1972 Baltimore, Maryland, afew university friends came together in an attempt to capture the magic behindlive music shows. A simple rooming house garage was the birthplace of what theworld now knows to be Polk Audio. For close to five decades, Polkhas been defining and redefining what American Hi-Fi should look like, and theworld has been eagerly following. Each design displays thrilling engineeringand a legacy of excellence. Every product that Polk puts forward hasbeen crafted with care and pride, and introduces high-performing, lifelikeaudio in every home that invests in this craftsmanship.


Our Favourites


Here at Homemation, we have a fewfavourite subwoofers when it comes to Polk. We explore thesebelow:


1.   The PSW10 in black: Thedesign features a front-firing port, this means that you can direct your audiotowards your seating area. The optimised motor structure, voice coil, andsuspension mean high-performance quality, no matter how loud you go.

2.   The HTS10 in black: Thismodel provides powerful bass to home theatre and music systems. It featureseasy-access controls, front-firing 10” driver with the Polk patentedDynamic Balance technology, and stunning design.

3.   The HTS12 in black: TheHTS12 is an upgrade on the HTS10 model and provides a front-firing 12” driverwith their patented Dynamic Balance technology. It also features floor-firingpatented Power Port technology which reduces port noise and adds depth to bassresponse. When it comes to subwoofers, the HTS12 never fails to impress.


If you would like to find outmore about Polk subwoofers and which would work best for yourhome, feel free to contact us, and we will put you in touch with a retailernear you.