Some homes don’t have livingrooms with endless space for large speakers and a full-scale entertainmentsystem. Other homes do, but the homeowners still wish to retain a clean,seamless feel without any excess clutter. As far as speakers go, the perfect solutionto this need for compact power is a soundbar. Oblong-shaped, sleek, and hardlynoticeable, a soundbar will ensure that all-immersive audio experience, whilestill saving you space and money.


How Soundbars Improve HomeEntertainment


Newer television sets and screensare not built to carry powerful speakers. While crystal clear imaging isessential, you don’t want to neglect sound. Even though it may seem as thoughit is one long unit, a soundbar replaces the need for a left and right speakerbecause it contains more than one speaker. This all-in-one product is thus ableto create stereo sound that is perfect for anyone looking for a compact hometheatre system.


At Homemation, we promote brandswith some of the most masterfully crafted soundbars in the world. A smallerproduct does not mean that one needs to compromise on power, features, andquality. Below are some of these world-class brands and the soundbar models thatthey provide.


Definitive Technology


Definitive Technology has onlyone goal – to build the absolute best-in-class audio solutions. Precision,sophisticated design, and flawless audio output have cemented DefinitiveTechnology’s place as a top brand in audio entertainment products. Their MythosSoundbar SSA-42 model includes all the benefits of a five-channel surround-soundsetup without all the bulk.




By fusing innovative engineeringand a drive to create the perfect entertainment component, Denon has createdsome of the world’s best audio-visual products. With a 100-year history ofdelivering superb craftsmanship, one can trust that the brand’s models alloffer high performance and fantastic quality. The following three soundbars aretop sellers:


  • DHT-S316
  • DHT-S514
  • HEOS Bar


Monitor Audio


The British-owned company is agiant in the industry and has been around since the beginning of homeentertainment. Creating ranges that blend seamlessly within the home is one ofMonitor Audio’s most celebrated features, and each product has an aestheticallypleasing design with high-power performance. For a look at soundbars in varioussizes, we recommend the following models:


  • SB-2
  • SB-3 
  • SB-4




Known as the “speakerspecialists”, Polk has been offering a wide range of affordable products since1972. By aligning their vision with technological and engineering advancements,they have been able to design and manufacture models that look great and soundbetter. Polk has several cost-friendly soundbar systems available, includingthe:


  • MagniFi Max
  • MagniFi Max SR
  • MagniFi Mini
  • Signa S2
  • Signa Solo


We’ve Got Your Needs Covered


Whether you need a product withan additional subwoofer or something small enough to carry anywhere, we canhelp you find a retailer to meet your needs. We will assist you in finding amodel that not only suits your budget, but also your lifestyle and sense ofstyle. If you would like more information on our services, get in touch with ustoday.