At Homemation, we’re intrigued with a real live legend – Paul Wilbur Klipsch (PWK), the founder of Klipsch and the legend whose vision changed sound, forever.

Gone are the days when cranking up the volume to breaking point was the only way to listen to music throughout the house. Thanks to geniuses like Klipsch, today there are multiple ways to deliver audio – on virtually any budget.

Klipsch has just released their Forte III speakers as part of the Heritage range, so let’s take a look at what’s in store for serious sound lovers.

Klipsch only uses book-matched wood veneers for the Heritage series. The precision of the craftsmanship is remarkable – veneer delicately sliced from the timber and precisely arranged to provide a mirror image at the splice joint, like turning the pages of a book. Each speaker is, therefore, more aesthetically appealing and consistent in appearance.

Typical of Klipsch, the Forte III is perfection. And why mess with perfection? Klipsch has made some important upgrades to the Forte II, yes, but fundamentally, it’s unchanged from what it started out as. The Forte III enclosure is still made by time-honoured craftsmen in Hope, Arkansas – just like PWK intended it to be.

You might not know that the Klipsch Forte III was taken off the market almost two decades ago. It’s back thanks to the spike in demand for vintage speakers, and all we can say is “bravo, Klipsch!”

The Klipsch Forte III speaker is a three-way model equipped with a 12” woofer and horn-loaded midrange, tweeter and passive radiator for a smooth and powerful response. It can cover a very large bandwidth (frequency response ranges from 38 Hz to 20 kHz) and its sensitivity rating is exceptional, as it reaches up to 99 dB (1m/1W).

It’s thanks to this insane sensitivity rating that the Klipsch Forte III needs, on average, eight times less power than conventional speakers to pump out the same sound level. It can show off effortlessly – at only 1 W, the Forte III’s output is already more than good enough for a living room installation. It doesn’t need a power amp (a small 10-W amplifier is more than enough to unleash its full potential).

In the back of the cabinet is the Forte III’s best kept secret – its well-extended bass is found in the use of a rear-mounted passive radiator. A massive 38 cm in size, this sub-bass radiator operates on acoustic pressure generated by the woofer for greater bass output and extension.

Some dimensions to ponder – this unusual speaker stands only 91 cm tall, 42 cm wide, and 33 cm deep (if you can picture two classic floor-standing speakers, that’s the width).

The performance you’ll get out of the Forte III speaker is equally at home with music or movie soundtracks, and fits in perfectly with other Klipsch high-end models. The Forte III is designed to fill large rooms with amazing sound, without sacrificing too much floor space.

And, of course, customers love the fact the Klipsch Forte III looks so sophisticated. It also features an acoustically transparent cloth grill crowned with the PWK logo

Don’t deny yourself! Check out the Klipsch Forte III speaker today.