During the yesteryear of theaudio and home entertainment industry, there were a few remarkable moments inthat changed the direction of technology and sound engineering forever. Theseare the instances that can be traced back and identified as the beginning ofsomething revolutionary, something that set the bar for all other standards tofollow. One such extraordinary moment is when a fascinating partnership emergedbetween Lyngdorf Audio and Steinway & Sons. The rest, as theysay, is history; but just in case you are unfamiliar with the tale, we diveinto the details of two industry giants joining forces.


Where it All Began


To understand the brand now knownas Steinway Lyngdorf, one must understand the two vastly differentcompanies that birthed it. Lyngdorf Audio is a Danish company firstcreated in Denmark in 2005. It’s founder, Peter Lyngdorf, has ownedseveral Danish brands over the years and seems to have the Midas touch witheach undertaking.


Steinway &Sons, on the other hand, has a much older history. The brand saw its humblebeginnings in 1853, New York City, where a German immigrant sought to build apiano unlike any the world had ever before seen. The result of his hard work isseen today in handcrafted pianos that have seen Americans (and fans worldwide)through decades of comfort and entertainment – even in the midst of war andpoverty. As a heritage brand, Steinway & Sons began to seek ways toexpand into a modern audio space, paving the way for what would later becomethe Steinway Lyngdorf partnership.


A Curious Promise


In 2007, leaders of both brandscame together and got to talking – Lyngdorf Audio with their expertisein audio design and engineering, and Steinway & Sons with the masteryof handcrafted instruments spanning over a century and a half. Together, thebrands came up with an idea – a promise – that they would eventually create anaudio component powerful enough to replicate the sound of a flagship grandpiano, without anyone being able to tell the difference. In 2008, theircollaboration together gave life to the Model LS, a floor-to-ceiling, stackablespeaker known for vibrant, innovative audio output.


In 2009, their Model P1 SurroundSound Processor broke into the industry, opening the brand up to themulti-channel market. Over the subsequent two years, they released severalspeaker lines, including the Model S, which was highly acclaimed due to itscompact design and high-end performance. In 2012, the LS Concert was released,a luxury cinematic and music system that found favour amongst fans and cementeditself as an iconic, industry-leading product.


2015 to 2018 saw multiple productreleases such as the Model P200 and the Model B (a four-way active speakerdesign). In this way, Steinway Lyngdorf has stood true to their promiseof pure, perfect sound production and graced the ears of audiophiles all aroundthe world with their astounding innovation.


There is no dispute, SteinwayLyngdorf is a legacy brand with a profound message driving it: anything ispossible with hard work and commitment. If you are keen on testing thisfantastic brand out for yourself, why not contact us today? Our on-call salesteam will get you in touch with retailers near you and assist you with the bestdeals in town.