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Polk Audio has been crafting great sound since 1972. They are the audio specialists and they’ve been making crystal-clear sound accessible to everyone in their homes for decades now.

Expect great sound, is all we can say about Polk Audio products. They set out to capture the wonder of the live concert experience and bring it into households. Their trailblazing has never stopped, and today their speakers elevate all aspects of sound to provide you with the ultimate listening experience.

Get the perfect Polk Audio set up in your home with home audio speakers, sound bars, wireless audio, architectural speakers, outdoor sound, car sound, marine speakers, sound for all-terrain vehicles, and a range of superior quality headphones.

If you’ve dreamed of streaming music in every room, surround sound that literally makes you jump with excitement, voice adjust technology, or unparalleled hi-fi listening, Polk Audio has an audio product for you.

Polk HTS Subwoofers are power port enhanced to deliver powerful deep bass for home theatres. Believe us, once you have these babies installed, you will be watching all your favourite movies over and over again. The audio experience from Polk Audio will just keep giving. 

And, Polk Audio loves customising audio. You’ll be astonished at what’s possible with their products, and at how simple it is to boost your home theatre experience to heights you only dreamed possible.

Gone are the days that the sound effects and experience of a great movie could only be enjoyed at the cinema. Polk Audio has equipment and solutions which are unrivalled in the industry today. All you need is to round up your friends, dim the lights, and grab the popcorn. The best cinematic experience of your life awaits when you’re plugged into Polk Audio.