When you want quality, you stick with the experts. Definitive Technology is that expert when it comes to sound.

What you can dream of having, Definitive Technology can make happen through products that are backed by years of tinkering and tweaking by audiophiles who revolutionised the entire audio landscape.

Imagine the clearest, most precise sound in your home theatre. Imagine wireless home audio, sound bars, architectural audio, audio outdoors, and superior quality headphones. If you can, you can imagine Definitive Technology – from concept to creation, you're assured of a finished product that is a confluence of intellect, resourcefulness, and a real obsession with sound. We must say, we like the sound of that!

We love that Definitive Technology describes itself as “what obsession sounds like”. This is enough to give any audiophile goosebumps. Definitive Technology is uncompromising when it comes to superior audio.

For these guys, sound must be flawless and pure – no compromising. These are the tenets by which Definitive Technology is driven, and what compels them to achieve superior audio for an unparalleled listening experience. It is their goal to give sound nothing less than everything it deserves.

So, if you think you've experience home theatre systems of the highest order, think again. Definitive Technology products take everything you watch to unprecedented sonic levels, pushing every limit you thought possible of your listening experience.

The design of their sound products is as pleasing to the eye, as the sound is to the ear. There's nothing flashy or whimsical about Definitive Technology. They only do sophistication and precision to deliver the best in forward-thinking technology.

Customers are demanding more sleek delivery of home theatre systems with no fuss, no wires, and no give or take. What they want is a totally immersive sound experience unequal to any they've known before.

If you're that customer, bringing Definitive Technology into your home is the intelligent choice.