If you have never before invested in home audio equipment, the technical specifications of each product tend to get confusing. It is difficult to understand what you are paying for, let alone the function of each component. You might have heard of a power amp before, but you might be unsure of what it is and which to buy. Rest assured, we have you covered. For a fast guide on all you need to know about amplifiers, we have simplified the information for you.


A power amp is an integral part of any home theatre system that aims to improve the intensity and accuracy of the sound produced. A power amp is more than just another component in your home audio set – it can mean the difference between perfected sound and tinny,distorted noise. The electrical machine takes in or “receives” weak audio signals and “amplifies” them, making them louder and stronger.


A power amp has a variety of applications, including its use at concerts and music shows, amplifying instruments like electric guitars and keyboards, and in home entertainment systems. If you find that your speakers are not giving you the quality of sound you are looking for, then one of the amplifiers below may be better suited to your needs.


The Rotel RKB850 V2


Rotel amplifiers are always popular because the company has been involved in the design and production of award-winning products for more than five decades. The RKB850 V2 model provides 8 x 50 watts per channel and has an exceptionally long service life due to thermostatically controlled fans that keep the product cool.


The Russound D250LS


For a budget power amp,Russound’s D250LS is a great 2-channel option with a bridged mode rated at 150 watts into a single 8-ohm load. Along with automatic switching and a compact design, the D250 LS is extremely tough due to its protection circuitry. At a weight of only 3,8 kg, this model saves space while packing a punch.


The RotelRMB1512 12-Ch


More on the high-end of this lineof products, the RMB1512 amp produces an astounding 12 x 100 watts into 8 ohms without running the risk of heat damage to itself or your other audio components. The custom installation of the design includes the following features:


·       12-volt trigger signal sensing.

·       Sum-to-mono that combines both the left and right speaker input.

·       Input bus setup.

·       Buffered output.

·       Attenuation control on the front panel.

·       Binding posts and screw terminals.


The Rotel RMB1585 5-Ch


Rotel’s brand new flagship theatre amplifier integrates flawlessly into home theatre systems installed to perform powerfully. Each one of the available five channels can produce up to 200 watts into 8 ohms, which is far more than most A/V systems.


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