If you have a killer sound systemset up at home, then it may be difficult to ever part with it. Finding yourselfon the road, visiting friends, or even stuck at the office could make you longfor the days when you could just kick back while listening to your favouritetunes. For music lovers and audiophiles alike, no experience is completewithout the perfect soundtrack to back it up. Of course, you can take yoursound system with you – but who has the time or the energy? One solution is toinvest in one or two Bluetooth speakers to keep the party going regardless ofwhere you are.


Why Bluetooth Speakers?


Most of us love a fantastic soundsystem with faultless audio output – the kind that knocks your socks off whenthe bass comes through. Powerful sound, however, comes with the cost of bulkyaudio equipment and pesky wires and cables that clutter spaces. Bluetoothspeakers are different in that they don’t have any need for all those cords –this is the definition of wireless connectivity. What many people do not knowis that Bluetooth connectivity operates on the same principles as a radio.


Your Bluetooth speakers are likeradio receivers tuned into a single channel, or network, called a “piconet”.When more than one device (such as speakers and a tablet) are paired, the audiosource will be the assigned master device which transmits audio data throughradio waves. Your set of wireless speakers, already matched with or “tunedinto” the source, receive these radio waves which then produces audio output.


Where You Can Take Them


Because Bluetooth speakers areusually compact, portable, and without any annoying cables, they can be takenjust about anywhere, such as:


·       In the car while driving, which is especially useful if yourcar’s sound system does not perform that well.


·       To work – all it needs is a charge and some battery power, andyou are good to go.


·       To small gatherings. Compact Bluetooth speakers may not produceas much power as a full surround-sound system, but many are powerful enough toentertain at a dinner or braai with friends and family.


·       To the beach, because they are small, durable, and easily movedabout – and because no beach day is complete without some summer jams.


·       Any room of the home. Whether you are cooking in the kitchen orstudying in your bedroom, you can take your wireless speaker with you withease.


There are plenty of models andsizes available. This means that you can purchase something that will trulyaccommodate your lifestyle. Brands such as Denon and Polk offer someexceptional wireless designs that are sure to keep you dancing to yourfavourite tracks for years to come.


If you would like some assistancewhen it comes to selecting the right speaker, why not speak to one of ourtrained team members who will put you in touch with a retailer near you? Afterall, there is no better time to enjoy your life to the fullest than today.