Make Contact with a Control4 Dealer & Transform Both Your Home & Lifestyle

Are you tired of a drab home that makes you do all the work? How about making your home do the hard work of keeping you entertained, comfortable, and safe? How? By partnering with a Control4 dealer, you can truly transform your “same old” home into the smartest house on the block. Imagine having the type of home that your family, neighbours, and friends are envious of.

Imagine coming home, pouring a glass of wine, and putting your feet up while the house automatically switches the air conditioner on, dims the lights, closes the curtains, and locks the front door. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not really magic! What it really is, is clever home automation made possible for each and every household in South Africa by none other than Control4. Why live a mediocre existence at home when Control4 can add a touch of elegance and undeniable comfort to your home?

What Can You Do with Control4 Products?

By working closely with a Control4 dealer in your area, you can update the look of your home or business for your enjoyment or for resale purposes. You can greatly improve your home in the following areas:

·  Convenience and functionality
·  Energy efficiency
·  Increased security

What’s All the Fuss About?

Is a Control4 dealer really able to transform your home? And, are these transformations really as amazing as the media says they are? The answer to both of these questions is yes! When you work with an industry professional and have access to Control4 products and components, you can automate your home in ways that you probably didn’t even know were possible. Why take our word for it though? Get online and do a bit of research. The online reviews and Control4 product information online is bound to convince you that you need a change.

With Control4 products and components, you can do quite a lot, including:

·  Control your home entertainment system.
·  Play music throughout the house or in separate rooms of the house.
·  Turn on, turn off, and dim the lighting, as well as activate and deactivate security lighting.
·  Set and change the temperature, thereby remotely controlling your heating and cooling system.
·  Boost security in the home by locking and unlocking doors, and monitoring CCTV footage remotely.

The Time is Now!

If you have been thinking of ways in which to spruce up your house and add value to your quality of life at home, now is the time to work with a Control4 dealer in your area! Turn your house into a home – the type of home that you are dying to come home to each evening. At Homemation, we provide helpful product information and advice on the Control4 range. If you are not sure about which home automation products are best for you, chat to us. We believe that we can help you to choose just the right products to turn your house into your dream home.