Lighting is something we all takefor granted. Need light? Simply flip a switch. Further simplifying our liveswas the introduction of light dimmers in the 1950s, but have you ever stoppedto think about where it all originated? Thomas A. Edison was credited withinventing the first commercial incandescent light in 1879 (a fact somehistorians dispute). Much later – in 1959, to be exact – someone else sought tobetter control at-home lighting. This is where the story of Lutronbegins.


His name was Joel Spira, and hewas a young physicist living in New York City. With his makeshift lab (a sparebedroom in his apartment), Spira began toying with the idea of controlling theintensity of light. During those days, you see, it was no small feat. Lightingwas intricate and costly in the 1950s, requiring rheostats that took up space,generated a lot of heat, and wasted far too much energy. The only controlsystems ever used to dim any lights happened on theatre stages – never inresidential settings.


Spira, however, managed to createa solid-state dimmer which used a thyristor that interrupted a power current tothe bulb – unlike the rheostat which consumed energy to do the same. This meantthe new dimmer was smaller, used less electricity, and generated less heat.Joel Spira had successfully created the world’s first residential dimmerswitch. In 1961, he and his wife incorporated Lutron Electronics.


Lutron’s Legacy in 2020


Today, almost 60 years after itsconception, Lutron light controls have permeated just about everymarket. Commercially, their products are seen in hotels, resorts, educationalinstitutions, and public spaces. Residentially, Lutron solutions areseen everywhere from the Whitehouse and Windsor Castle to small apartments in citiesacross the world. Offices in several countries such as London, Paris, and evenSao Paulo make this brand a global household name.


Products in their range includeindividual light dimmers, whole-home innovations for household needs, and smartbuilding solutions for managing large spaces. Whether for work, play, orat-home comfort, automated lighting and blind control by Lutron is anall-inclusive solution that will save you time, money, and energy.


How to Make the Change


If you are ready to for a moresustainable, environmentally friendly solution that intuitively understandsyour needs, then why not switch to Lutron today? Here at Homemation, wewill gladly assist you when it comes to finding the perfect product. For moreinformation, feel free to contact us here.