Modern living is fast-paced, andthose who don’t keep up get left behind. It is, therefore, essential to createa lifestyle suited to you – who you are, what you do, and where you do it. Thetech you take along with you must adapt to your routines and preferences too –otherwise, it is no help at all. Where the Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphonesshine is in their ability to boast exceptional performance, anytime, anywhere –now that’s authentic craftsmanship.


Nothing Short of Legendary


Klipsch has over 60 years ofexperience when it comes to designing and manufacturing products of remarkablequality. Every year, their innovative technology gets bigger and bolder – andno other brand in the industry seems to do what they do with as much style. TheT5 True Wireless earphones stick with the Klipsch promise of true comfort,performance, and independence. The legendary audio experience we have come toknow and expect from the company is fully realised in their T5 True Wirelessearphones.


Batteries that Won’t Quit


Losing sound mid-call or just asyou get into your workout is frustrating. With this model, you can expect awhopping eight hours of battery life after one charge. The charging caseprovides an additional 24 hours of charge, which means you won’t need to worrywhile at work or travelling. Along with charging the units, your metalcontainer case will also protect your earphones from any damage.


Contoured Ear Tips for ExtraComfort


Klipsch has patented contouredear tips that feature in their wireless earphones, which add to their overallcomfort. When accurately positioned within the ear canal, the earphones willkeep outside noise out, while providing a superior listening experience. Thesilicone tips are soft and will mould to the shape of your ears, which means lessear fatigue and discomfort.


All the Extras


Dynamic drivers that produce highoutput and full-bass extension, as well as compact acoustic modules designedfor in-ear comfort, are pretty much all one needs. The Klipsch T5 True Wirelessearphones, however, go above and beyond with their extra features, including:


  • Four cVc-integrated microphones which improve voice clarity while on a call, whilst also reducing external noise.
  • One touch of a button allows you to connect with your digital assistant.
  • Bluetooth 5-enabled.
  • The models are sweat and water-resistant – perfect for those who lead active lifestyles.
  • The Klipsch Connect App offers several additional features, such as ambient noise control.


For wireless earphones that offerworld-class features, the latest in audio engineering, and ultra-comfortablewearability, we recommend the Klipsch T5 True model every time. For moreinformation, feel free to get in touch with us today.