Nobody does audio quite like Klipsch. They’ve been building premium speakers since 1946.

Founder Paul W. Klipsch was a relentless perfectionist, so it’s no surprise that the latest limited-edition speaker, the Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish, is an absolute masterpiece.

So, if like PWK, you crave to recreate the excitement of a live orchestra performance in your living room, you had better pull up a chair.

It’s time to tune up your sound system with Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish speakers.

Their entrance into the market makes the boldest statement yet about looks not being everything when it comes to speakers. Obviously, it’s the sound we want, but serious audiophiles have moved on (long ago) from settling for big, bulky, and sometimes plain ugly speakers that deliver the goods but look like the elephant in the room.

The Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish exhibits a bold, yet elegant audio centrepiece which delivers high performance. Attractive and awesome – kind of like a superhero.

You can tell your friends, as they walk circles admiring them from every angle, that they’ve undergone a three-coat paint and polish process. Impress them even more by telling them that by delicately fabricating each layer of the Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish speakers, the result is a deep and vivid reflection that only a true piano black finish possesses.

And, the Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish has an infinity edge. The limited-edition luminous finish wraps around the entirety of the housing to provide an even reflection that gives the speaker an edgeless appearance from every angle.

Anyone who is serious about home theatre entertainment knows the value of great audio and won’t likely compromise on it. If you get the components of a home theatre right, you will have an awesome space in which to enjoy entertainment exactly the way you want to.

Aesthetics are important though, if you want to get the absolute real deal out of your home theatre, which is where the Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish speakers come in.

Drawing inspiration from the original source of your speaker’s booming sound, the limited-edition Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish will dominate your home theatre space with its seamless and luxurious look.

Everything else in the room may pale in comparison and you’ll have a hard time keeping your eyes off your setup.

But, it will be your ears that are most impressed. Why? Like all their speakers, the Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish speakers are based on the four principals of Klipsch sound:

  1. High efficiency/low distortion: Their law is that efficiency is inversely proportional to distortion. Expect louder, cleaner audio out of the Klipsch Reference Premiere Piano Black Finish.
  2. Controlled directivity: Horn technology accurately directs sound to the proper locations, creating that orchestra-in-the-room sound, without wasting acoustic energy where sound isn’t needed.
  3. Wide dynamic range: The softest sounds are reproduced with remarkable clarity and the loudest sounds without harshness, with the greatest possible range between the two.
  4. Flat frequency response: No unnatural highs, mids, or lows, just accurate, beautiful sound.

Isn’t it time you heard music and movies the way they should sound? Raise the bar with speakers that speak your language.