South African homeowners arequickly catching up to the technological advancements that developed nationshave been enjoying for a while. In the past, most homeowners were not evenaware that the technology was available, but companies like Control4 are changingthis perception. What we aim to do is introduce an improved, more streamlinedway of living through smart home solutions to suit everyone. A system as simpleas at-home lighting is now totally effortless and even hands-free.


2020 South African LightingTrends


Lights on, lights off – couldthere be more to it? As it turns out, there can. Lights do more than just offerus better visibility in the dark. They provide the room with the right kind ofambience, set the tone for your at-home entertainment, and even provide anelement of security by letting criminals know someone is home. Let’s not forgetthe marvellous ways in which light fixtures add to our interior décor. In termsof trends for next year, homeowners are looking into smart lighting solutions.Here are some features we see rising in popularity and demand:


  • Voice-activated light controls: Now, there is no need to flip a switch – you can simply dim your lights by a certain percentage with a voice command.


  • One-button touch controls: Users can control all the systems within their home, including lights, audio, blinds, and security. The great part? It can all be done from anywhere in the world on one, simple interface.


  • Alternating lights: While not at home, Control4 smart lighting keeps thieves at bay by alternating the lights in various rooms, making it seem as though the house is occupied. 


If you are a homeowner who isupdating your residence’s tech, we can assist you regardless of the phase ofrenovation with which you are currently busy. Centralised smart lighting isideal for houses in the beginning stages of their build or during a homeremodelling. Each wire is directed towards a centralised location, such as autility closet, which means one no longer faces the eyesore of multiple lightswitches throughout the home. Where breaking down the walls for cable runningis not possible, Control4 offers wireless dimmers, keypads, and switches. Thisaffordable system will still complement your home’s aesthetics seamlessly andallow you to customise your buttons according to what you wish to control.


Who knew that lighting could beso accessible, effortless, and user-friendly? There is also no reason why youcannot introduce this same trending technology to your home today. For moreinformation on smart lighting by Control4, don’t hesitate to contact us and getthe ball rolling today.