As the sun begins to set, thateerie time of day, twilight slowly creeps over each home. Most families walkabout the house at this time and turn each light on before dinner. Beforebedtime, each light is turned off again. Small, manual tasks like this wastetime and even energy when lights are accidentally left on. One way tostreamline the lights within your home is to install automated lighting.If you are already enjoying the many benefits of Control4’s smart home lightingsystems, however, then we are here to help you make the most of it and takefull advantage of each of its benefits.


Customisable Control


Every household is different.Some families prefer access to their systems via an app on their phone ortablet, while others prefer a remote. With Control4, you get to decide how youwant to control your lighting. You can choose to have streamlined andstylish customisable buttons, or even use voice control from just aboutanywhere in the house. You could also rely on motion sensors to detect whensomeone is in the room to activate the automated lighting. Total controlis within your hands.


Save Energy by Setting a Routine


If you usually switch on yourlights at a specific time each day, then why not make use of a set timer?Lights will activate and deactivate based on your preferences, so you neednever worry about forgetting those outdoor lights on again. You can also saveenergy by dimming your lights when they aren’t in use, but still wish toprovide some illumination for your family as they move through the house.


Make Lighting Part of Your At-HomeSecurity


With Control4’s automatedsolutions, you can set your perimeter lights to flash when your alarm goes off– or you can set lights to alternate at random times while away. This will helpthe home seem occupied and keep would-be burglars at bay. Talk to us todayabout utilising smart lighting in your current security system.


Make Use of Smart Shades


Motorised shades also fall under automatedlighting, and they can be cleverly used to allow more or less light intoyour home. Smart shades also help with climate control, as you can let a littlesun in during the winter and keep the house cool by closing them in the summer –this ultimately saves on heating and cooling costs.


Say Goodbye to Switches


Those remodelling their home maywish to consider removing light switches and opting for a centralised, in-wallinterface. This keypad is sophisticated and stylish and eliminates the need forswitches and buttons that clutter your walls and take away from your overallaesthetic.


Automated lighting is onlygetting smarter – and it’s so accessible that you too can enjoy these benefits.If you have not as yet invested in a smart home solution, then why not contactus? To book your free demo and find out more about how we can help simplifyyour life, feel free to click here.