Polk Audio has a wide range of soundbars, so if you’re someone who loves the idea of surround sound but isn’t keen on the full-on component speaker system, you know where to come.

Polk Audio soundbars are the ultimate in powerful, room-filling, high performance, surround sound. Some of the soundbars feature wireless surround-sound tech, and many of them come with built-in wireless music technology. Polk Audio provides a glimpse into the future of home theatre, and we can’t wait to give you a demo!

Whether you’re streaming over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, these soundbars from Polk Audio will turn every tune into a high-performance sonic gem!

The soundbars also offer a one-of-a-kind system builder, so that you can customise the perfect setup in your home.

The Polk Signa S1 Universal TV Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer System

This baby is low-profile, but delivers an unreal sound – far beyond anything your TV’s small built-in speakers could even dream of. The Polk Signa S1 soundbar features patented Voice Adjust technology for clear dialogue and Dolby Digital decoding. Throw in Bluetooth music streaming, and this sound bar is set to become your new best friend.

You can also go for Polk Audio’s soundbar collections.

Take the MagniFi Series as a good example of elevating your home theatre audio to new heights. Engineered for crystal-clear vocal details and immersive surround sound, these powerful low-profile soundbars will change the way you watch and enjoy TV, movies, sports, and everything else.

The Omni SB1 Plus Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer is an ultra-low profile, dialogue enhancing, 3.1 soundbar system. This soundbar lets you expand to a true 5.1 home theatre surround-sound system with its built-in wireless surround-sound speaker technology, and hooks up easily to most TVs, cable boxes, and their respective remotes.

We’ve whet your appetite, so now all you need to do is decide which of Polk Audio’s soundbars is perfect for you.