If all you want is a decent hi-fi system, you still need to do some thorough research.

Fortunately, introducing great-quality sound into your home isn’t rocket science. You just need to choose the right hi-fi components and presto, let the party begin! But, before you rush out and treat yourself to a new hi-fi system, take a minute to consider the options, because there are plenty.

A question that first-timers or novice sound system designers often ask about hi-fi components is whether it is the speakers or the amplifier that is more important in the setup. Well, it’s obvious that both are important when it comes to hi-fi components, so the real question is which can you skimp on in terms of quality and brand?

The answer is simple.

You want the best sound quality from your hi-fi components, end of story. To achieve this, both the speakers and amp hi-fi components have to be of top quality. There’s no point in running an inferior amp with a set of mid-range speakers. Your music will not be blowing your hair back.

Our advice is do some research into both amps and speakers when you’re shopping for hi-fi components, and go for brands that like each other (are compatible). They don’t have to be the same brand, but make sure that both are brands which know their stuff when it comes to the best in hi-fi components.

At Homemation, we always recommend award-winning hi-fi components, because we don’t believe in messing around with sound quality. Life is far too short to have to endure mediocre sound.

Take it from us, these brands won’t let you down:

Speakers: Choose HEOS by DenonRotel, and Russound products. With Control4, and the latest streaming products, you can also listen to music in multiple formats. You can stream from an FM radio, an internet radio, your handheld device, an external hard drive, or even your computer with the simple click of a button.

Amps: The amp is the heart of the hi-fi setup, so don’t compromise, or you could be sorry in the long run. Our top choices for amps when it comes to hi-fi components are Denon and Rotel by far.

Still not sure? Give us a call and we will advise you on all the latest and greatest when it comes to sound. We’ve got your back when it comes to the best in hi-fi components.