While we wait for the next big thing in tech, guys like Denon just keep treating our ears to great Bluetooth speakers.

The innovations in these speakers are crazy. The manufacturers are outdoing themselves to keep up with the demands of serious music lovers. There’s little you won’t find impressive about Bluetooth speakers on the market today, like Denon’s HEOS range.

One of the biggest drivers of the innovation has been the fact that people want to take their music with them. So, to suit the habits of serious audiophiles (like you), today’s Bluetooth speakers are actually designed to be tough, because they’re likely to be dragged along everywhere and into environments that normal speakers wouldn’t really handle.

If you haven’t yet explored Denon’s range of impressive compact, portable wireless speakers, where have you been? Definitely not listening to your favourite audio tracks via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi audio streaming wherever and whenever you want to.

And, we do mean wherever. Yes, we know you take your favourite songs into the shower too. Pump it up a notch with a great compact Bluetooth speaker that can handle damp and steam, like the Denon HEOS 1 Bluetooth speaker.

This little beauty’s enclosure is humidity resistant, so you don’t have to be blamed for singing too loud in the shower – let your Bluetooth speakers take the rap!

Another feature that we’re impressed with on the HEOS 1 is that you can connect your favourite portable device directly via the USB port, and there’s also a stereo line input for analogue audio sources.

The HEOS 1 Bluetooth speaker also features advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to deliver full range sound, with custom EQ sound tailoring that helps deliver a smooth, natural tonal balance, along with dual channel Class D digital audio amplification.

Your friends and family will soon realise that the divine audio coming from the bathroom has nothing to do with your vocal talent!

A great selling point too, which makes this speaker a must-have, is that its sound is optimised via precision acoustical processing algorithms that originated in top recording studios!

Also, remember that the speaker is compact, so space isn’t an issue. Compact or not though, a good Bluetooth speaker will bring full range audio into any room at a good price tag, and without taking up the whole room. Forget room size if you’re having a party and forget the size of the speaker – get the right speaker and the party will rock!

These are some of the other features you’ll love about Denon HEOS speakers:

  • Streaming from your preferred music service (Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn, or Spotify) is effortless.
  • There’s a free HEOS app for iOS, Android, and Kindle.
  • The USB jack lets you connect your device directly, plus there’s an analogue line input.
  • An AC power adapter is included.

The Bluetooth speakers on the market today, like those from Denon HEOS, deliver sound in high resolution. You can also use two speakers to get a stereo vibe going – perfectly synchronised audio for your listening pleasure.

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