Those who believe in only investingin the best will always carry the same guiding principle while creating a hometheatre system. Top audio and visual equipment, after all, is the only way to reallyimmerse yourself in the experience. What good is a top-notch home entertainmentsystem if you cannot immerse yourself into that movie or soundtrack? For superbviewing, we recommend nothing less than a projector. Exceptional 4K projectors,however, can easily set your wallet back by hundreds of thousands of rands.Fortunately, the affordable JVC LX-UH1 projector sets the bar as acost-friendly, top-tier solution for home theatre enthusiasts.


Who Is JVC?


As a producer of the world’sfirst VHS format video recorder, Japan’s first domestically manufacturedphonograph, their first EP record, and their first stereo record player, JVCare world-renowned pioneers. Today, the Victor Company of Japan has beenthriving for over 80 years with a trusted reputation for high quality,reliability, and innovation. Their range has expanded to include everythingfrom speakers and headphones, to camcorders. Their real standout series,though, is their affordable line of projectors.


Why Buy the LX-UH1 DLP Model?


With such a strong brand name,one would expect nothing less from their designs. The LX-UH1 projector is aperfect example of how much this company puts into their tech-forwardcreations. The model comes with several brilliant features, which arepleasantly surprising for such an affordable product. Some of the advantages ofpurchasing the LX-UH1 projector include:


  • Crystal clear 4K imaging (four times full HD resolution) that goes well beyond any other product in this price range. Your visuals will be bright, colourful, and fully immersive.


  • The 1,6-times zoom lens means you can easily have a 100-inch (254-cm) image size at a distance of about 3 m and 4,8 m from the screen.


  • The affordable JVC LX-UH1 provides a brightness of 2 000 lumens due to its efficient lamp system. Finer gradations, colours, and contrasts are all clearly visible.


  • A dynamic contrast ratio of 100 000:1.


  • High dynamic range (HDR) offers ultra-real, lifelike colours, hues, and gradations. The model is also HDCP2.2 compatible and will support everything from video-streaming services to UHD Blu-ray discs.


  • The compact design of 33 cm by 33 cm (with a height of just under 13,5 cm) means this model packs a massive punch in a small package. As a space-saver with a wide lens shift, you can install it anywhere you wish, such as mounted on the wall, ceiling, or on a shelf.


  • Available in a luxury white or sleek black, the beautiful lines on the design will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home theatre equipment.


Whether your viewing includes BD,broadcast, or streaming, you never need to purchase another screen again. Theaffordable JVC LX-UH1 projector is so much more than your standard,run-of-the-mill home theatre projector; it will transform the way you interactwith your favourite movies, shows, and concerts. If you would like to find outhow to invest in your own, then we welcome you to get in touch with us todaywhere one of our friendly team members will gladly assist you.