If you have never before heard ofthe term “flipping” in real estate, it may be somewhat confusing. The process,however, is rather simple; it entails purchasing a property, improving itthrough remodelling, and then reselling it again for profit. Flipping is acommon method that investors use to make money, even though it is somewhatrisky. Maximising your profits, though, becomes easy when incorporating housingtrends that homeowners really want. One such trend is smart hometechnology, of course, and here we discuss how to do it.


An Advantage in the Market


Prospective homeowners areseeking a place to live; somewhere they can see themselves feeling comfortableand safe. Smart home automation is not only for luxury homes, either –plenty of middle-income dwellings make use of automated lighting, security, andentertainment systems. To really give your project an edge in the market, werecommend catering to your tech-savvy, millennial market with the right kind oftechnology.


Go Green


For plenty of homeowners, it isincredibly important to save on energy and live sustainably. One majormarketing draw is the fact that home automation allows for greenerliving. Automated systems that run on a routine or with motion sensors saveplenty of energy. Climate control is also getting smarter with the use of smartblinds and HVAC systems that automatically activate and deactivate based uponthe temperature outside. Now you can make it your aim to sell homes that arebetter for the environment while still simplifying household functions.


Think About Security


It’s no secret that South Africastruggles with high crime statistics. Now, more than ever, it is essential tokeep oneself and one’s loved ones safe. Personal safety and the feeling ofphysical security is priceless, and homeowners are likely to invest more in a homewith such features. Look into solutions such as effortlessly arming anddisarming alarms via an app interface, and 24-hour control over every lock andalarm in the home, no matter where the homeowners are in the world.Video monitoring is also crucial for many property owners, and the ease ofseeing one’s entire home through a cellphone app is a compelling reasonto purchase the house.


Make Entertainment Easy


Who doesn’t love to invite a fewguests over for a braai or all-important soccer game now and again? Control4’s smartsolutions allow one to control the entire home’s entertainment throughone, simple interface or remote. That means sound systems, ambient lighting,streaming channels, and even gaming is accessible. Homeowners who valueconvivial houses with designated entertainment rooms are more likely topurchase a house or apartment with smart home solutions that play intothis fact.


From centralised lighting toenergy-saving utilities, there are plenty of ways that we at Control4 can helpyou up the value of your next remodelling project. To get in touch with us orbook your free demo, don’t hesitate to contact us here. We will answer all yourquestions and concerns and get you started in no time.