What happens when the engineeringgenius of Paul W. Klipsch and the innovative technology behind wirelessspeakers meet? The world makes room for some superbly crafted tabletop stereos,of course. Now, most audiophiles search high and low for the perfect audioequipment, but it can be found in Klipsch’s very own catalogue. Their The OneII and The Three II models, in particular, boast a wide range of excitingfeatures, and consumers cannot get enough.


What’s So Great About WirelessSpeakers?


Before we get into theirbenefits, it’s essential to understand what this type of speaker entails. Whilea regular speaker makes use of cable connectivity to connect it with an audiosource and power, wireless speakers use RF, or radio frequency, waves. Youraudio source, such as your computer or phone, transmit these sound waves to thereceiver in the wireless speaker. This receiver quickly decodes the signals itpicks up on and converts them into audio information. The result is audiooutput from the stereo with no time delay between your playback controls on thesource.


In terms of advantages, wirelessspeakers do not have any cables or wires that need to plug into anything. Manyare powered through batteries or a charging cable. Being untethered from anaudio source means that the stereo can be taken anywhere with ease. It can alsobe moved around the room, office space, or house, as long as it is still withinthe transmission range. Not having cables also looks far more seamless andprevents anyone from tripping over cords that get in the way.


The Heritage Series


Both The One II and The Three IImodels were created within the Klipsch Heritage Series, which channels theoriginal feel of Paul W. Klipsch’s 1940s and 1950s creations. Associated withindustrial ingenuity and vintage character, The One II and The Three II modelsby Klipsch have a nostalgic tactile quality to them. We long for the simplicityand quality of the past, and these are two products that do not disappoint.


The One II


Looking for a 2,1 bi-amplifiedsystem? The One II comes in an ideal, compact size and weighs only 3,86 kg. The3,5 mm analogue input means you can connect to any audio source should you sowish, but it is also enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Theprofessionally tuned tabletop stereo is available in Walnut and Matte Black,with dimensions of 32,2 cm x 15,56 cm x 13,3 cm.


The Three II


Real wood veneer and spun copperswitches also adorn The Three II. This model is slightly larger with dimensionsof 34,82 cm x 17,78 cm x 20,3 cm. The long-throw woofer and dual opposedpassive radiators ensure a powerful bass reflex for full, superior sound. Themodel also includes a 3,5 mm analogue miniplug, phono pre-amp, USB type B, andis Bluetooth enabled.


If you are looking for wirelessspeakers created with a masterful display of simplicity and mid-century moderndesign, then the Klipsch Heritage range is unrivalled. To find a retailer nearyou, get in touch with us today.