When we first see seeminglysimple gadgets such as projectors, we rarely consider the rich history andtireless work that went into perfecting their design. At JVC, what seems like astreamlined, sleek product is actually a highly advanced fusion of science,engineering, and technology. If you are seeking projectors that look, feel, andperform in a class above the rest, then the JVC brand is a name to remember.


Decades of Dedication toGreatness


The company’s determination tomanufacture and produce world-class products has grown the brand exponentially.Worldwide, JVC is known for superior deliverance of sound and imaging, andtheir projectors are used in applications across several industries. In 1927,the U.S. firm Victor Talking Machine Company established its Japanesesubsidiary, JVC. Right in Yokohama, the company first began to manufacturephonographs, and then went on to develop innovative products the likes of whichthe world had never before seen. It was in 1926 that Kenjiro Takayanagi firstprojected an image onto a cathode-ray tube, dubbing him the “father of TV”.Kenjiro also aided in commercialising colour televisions and developing thetwo-head helical scan method. He joined JVC after World War II. Later becomingvice president of the company, Kenjiro’s close involvement was one of many factorsthat led to the success of the brand.


The company developed remarkablyforward-thinking products, including Japan’s first domestically producedphonograph, as well as the country’s first EP record and stereo record player.1976 marked a phenomenal year for the company, as it introduced the world’sfirst-ever VHS format video recorder. It also led the way globally with single-unitvideo camera/recorders and the first pocket-sized digital camcorders. Today,the company is making waves with its 4K e-shift D-ILA home theatre projectors,and the global industry cannot get enough.


Cutting-Edge D-ILA Technology


D-ILA, also known as Direct-DriveImage Light Amplification, is a high-performing reflective liquid crystaldevice initially developed in 1997. These models produce precise 4K picturequality and achieve high definition, luminance, and contrast. The latest modelsare so impressive that many other manufacturers use JVC-licensed technology intheir own products.


For space-saving, sleek designsthat produce big-screen 4k imaging, you will have difficulty finding anothercompany that compares. Not only is the installation of each model a breeze, butyou can also expect high dynamic range technology that was created to stand thetest of time. If you would like to find out more about how you can purchaseyour own, feel free to contact us.