The world around us is moving fast and advancements in modern living are occurring more rapidly. One can, therefore, expect a future in which much of our lifestyle is made easier. This future might be closer than we think – especially when you consider how complex the applied science behind blind automation is.

What makes blind automation so popular has little to do with keeping up with the latest technological trends, although this does play a role for tech-savvy homeowners. Automatic blinds offer several advantages to everyone who decides to make use of this incredible technology.

Blind Automation Saves Energy

Sometimes called smart shades, automatic blinds form part of your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. If you have a smart home hub (a centralised core for controlling the different systems in your home) that incorporates blind automation, you will save much more energy than when using your blinds manually. For example, automatic blinds that are adjusted to an energy efficiency mode will open during the coldest part of the day and close when it gets very warm. This makes climate control in your home easier, and you can expect a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs. In the same way, blind automation maximises daylight in such a way that the amount you spend on lighting will decrease too.

All About Efficiency

At the touch of your fingertips, you can control your home’s shades from anywhere in the world. This is a plus for holiday goers or people who often spend time away from home. Criminals are getting smarter at tracking the movements of homeowners, but with blind automation, you can fool the outside world into thinking that someone is always home. If you are at work and notice that it’s an unusually warm day, you can set your blinds to close and let as little light in as possible, thereby ensuring that your house has cooled down by the time you arrive home. The ease with which automatic blinds can be used is fantastic because it is a product that accommodates any lifestyle.

Influence Your Sleep the Natural Way

If you struggle to fall asleep or wake up in the morning (or both), you may be struggling with the effects of artificial light. When you match your blind automation’s timer with your natural circadian rhythm, you can block outdoor light out at night, and wake up to sunlight beaming into your room. This natural way of waking will leave you feeling more rested and relaxed.

Smarten Up Your Home

Not having any chords is certainly a perk for people with small children and pets, but this isn’t the only neat thing about automatic blinds. Installing smart shades takes you one step closer to a “smart home” in which you get to control every electronic system with ease.

If you would like to start by automating a room and eventually expanding this system to the rest of your home, talk to us about the best products to suit your lifestyle. To contact us, simply fill out an online enquiry form with your details, and we will get back to you.