The Definitive Technology BP9000 Series is an absolutely cracking system built around four superb floorstanders. While that might sound like overkill, these cleverly designed speakers have an elegant footprint that can blend into a room with ease. They look classy and sound even better, thanks to a bipolar driver array and integrated subwoofers.

There's a wonderful sense of openness and realism to the speakers, and they also allow you to build a system with subs in every corner of the room without taking up additional space. The result is superbly balanced bass that has impact but never overpowers the rest of the system. Once you add the centre speaker and four upward-firing modules you have a tonally matched system that can move sounds seamlessly from one speaker to the next.

What impresses about this system isn't just the looks and performance, as good as they are, but the amount of thought that Def Tech has put into every aspect of the system's design. The way the A90s slot into the top of the floorstanders, while the speaker cable is connected at the bottom is genius. The same goes for the integrated subs, which you can either run as part of the speaker or completely separately.

While £4,495 isn't exactly cheap, when you consider all that you get for your money, this BP9000 system is actually surprisingly good value. Definitive Technology is a brand that is worth checking out, and the BP9000 Series comes highly recommended.