The ultimate purpose of a home entertainment system is to bring the big screen experience into your living room. If yours isn’t even generating a flinch, scream, or gasp from your audience, you’re in the cheap seats.

Really bring it with good home theatre sound equipment, like the Rotel RSP-1576 surround processor.

Typically Rotel, their sound processors sit at the top of the pack in terms of design and engineering. A philosophy of balanced design underpins everything they produce.

Before we get into the nitty gritties of the Rotel RSP-1576, let’s check out the three basic things a surround processor brings to the party:
• Decodes multi-channel audio formats.
• Does the maths on incoming audio to extract surround sound to give you more speaker output than is actually in the incoming audio.
• Surround processors take charge of speaker configuration management – they’re the chauffeurs of sound, properly steering audio according to the type and nature of speakers you have. Expect great speaker balance as a result.

What to Expect out of the Rotel RSP-1576:
• The latest in audio and video tech, including HDMI 2.0 4K/UHD 60Hz HDR video, Audio Return Channel, aptX CD quality wireless streaming, and dual Texas Instruments DSPs supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. • A multi-channel pre-amplifier capable of decoding all popular audio formats. The 2 DSPs and 6 Wolfson 24-bit/192kHz audiophile grade DACs support configuration options from 5.1 to a complete Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 home theatre. There are 12 channels of RCA audio outputs for a fully customised installation.
• The Rotel RSP-1576 is engineered with individual audio and video processing circuits. Exceptional attention to signal routing guarantees the highest in class performance. In fact, they wanted to be that sure of its performance that the sonic circuits were tuned in the UK by the acoustic engineering team.
• Your source inputs include coaxial (3), optical (3), PC-USB (24-bit/192kHz), iPod, aptX Bluetooth, RCA Analogue, and Moving Magnet phono for vinyl enthusiasts.
• The Rotel RSP-1576 comes standard with a full selection of custom installation options, including RS232 and IP control, IR remote receiver input, IR remote repeater outputs, 10 band parametric EQ for room equalisation, and software updates available via the front USB or over the internet.
• Easily find all the configuration options through the setup menu, available on both the HDMI output and on the integrated VFD display.
• Get endless hours of entertainment with the Rotel RSP-1576 being supported by a full line-up of Rotel Class AB amplifiers.

Stereo systems can be as simple or sophisticated as their owners. Don’t waste any more time – indulge in your passion for sound!