Home theatre systems are a massive trend today. The technology has exploded and is an absolute candy store out there. Most people think that home theatres are all large, lavish spaces which can seat up to 50 people with giant screens, elaborate lighting, and expensive sound equipment.

Yes, that is what you’ll find if you search internet images, but what we’re saying is that overboard isn’t necessary when it comes to home theatre systems. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have the money or space to keep up with the celebs on this one. Don’t sweat! The good news is that you don’t need to have won the Lotto to get a good home theatre system going.

A home theatre system is an exciting entertainment option that will give the whole family an immersive viewing and listening experience. You can make the system as simple or sophisticated as you want, even customising it to your every whim.

All you really need to get started is a good-enough size space, and tips and good products from a decent company – oh, and a serious love of all things entertainment (because you’ll practically be living in your home theatre once the system is installed).

When choosing the space to house your home entertainment system, do consider lighting. You don’t want to have installed all this stunning equipment and then discover, with popcorn in hand, as you’re about to hit the play button, that there’s a horrible glare from the lighting onto the screen.

Another tip from us is that carpeting is a great insulator of sound, and the type of wall construction can also contribute to the acoustic properties of the room. Remember too that the actual size of the room will determine the size of the screen, which can be accommodated in the setup.

Before you rush out and start buying your home theatre system components, especially for a medium to high-end system, it’s a good idea to chat to someone in the know. A trusted home theatre installer can come and take a look at the room you want to use, and give you solid advice on the installation concepts and components which will work best.

On a final note, sound is very important. Don’t compromise on quality here, because you’ll be missing out on the full experience that a home theatre system can offer. Quality speakers, sound bars, and other audio equipment are a must-have as part of the installation.

Homemation knows home theatre systems and we only partner with the best brands in the industry.