With the rise in popularity ofhome theatre systems, more and more cinemas in malls are closing their doors.The truth is that cinemas are expensive, filled with inconsiderate movie-goers,and much too far from the comforts of one’s own lounge. Home theatre systemsalso allow one to experience top-notch entertainment in pyjamas – somethingthat would garner far too many stares in a public space. If comfort, savingmoney in the long run, and some bragging rights have you wanting to build yourown entertainment system, then there are a few factors of which to be aware.


As with any DIY project, thingscould go right until they go horribly wrong. Fortunately, setting up aprojector and killer surround sound is not at all too complicated; you justneed the right guidance. When it comes to the dos and don’ts of home theatresystems, research is your best friend. To avoid common amateur blunders thatwaste money, have a look below at some of our tips.


Don’t Trust Every Retailer


Stepping into a store wide-eyedand hesitant is the quickest way to call the attention of a salesperson that isready to “help”. While not every retail employee is out to get all your money,it is not wise to buy anything while uninformed. Take some time to researcheach component in your desired entertainment system and make a list ofquestions. Do your homework by comparing prices, reviews, and brands. Whenpossible, ask for a product demo and test the model out for yourself.


Dig Deeper Than the Advertising


You want something that performswell and stands the test of time. While doing your research, you may comeacross words like “powerful” or “experience”, which may have little to do withthe actual product. Do not be misled by advertising that is geared towardsgetting you to spend as much money as possible. Instead, find the individualproduct’s specifications and ask about what each one means. Productspecifications give you a real idea of the kind of performance you can expect,without the influence of sales gimmicks.


Price Does Not Equate Quality


Shoppers sometimes assume thatthe more expensive an item is, the better quality it is. Technology, such asthe components found in home theatre systems, is not something on which peoplewish to compromise. People are drawn to fancy brands and exorbitant prices.Once again, it is far better to focus on comparing product specifications anduser reviews to find the best possible purchase.


Consider the Room


Many people fail to plan theirhome theatre systems according to the room in which they will place it. Goingout to purchase several bulky products and squeezing them into a tiny loungenot only looks awful, but it is entirely impractical. Plan ahead by designatingmeasurements for each component and where it will be placed. Look into wall andbookshelf speakers that blend seamlessly with the room and help to spread thesound.


If you are looking for acombination of products that will cooperate flawlessly while providing you witha home theatre system that looks fantastic, feel free to get in touch with usat Homemation for assistance you can trust.