Minimalism supporters are in for a rare treat with the Definitive Technology Mythos Series. The Mythos Series, typical of the gurus at Definitive Technology, is supreme, and possesses unequalled audio excellence which just loves small spaces.

Slim and elegant, the Definitive Technology Mythos Series is made with aircraft grade aluminium enclosures, all designed to match the unsurpassed beautiful audio you get out of these speakers.

There are no excuses with the Mythos Series, because space simply isn’t an issue. The Mythos Series is available in space-saving on-wall, shelf-mount, and floor-standing options for the ultimate in placement flexibility and ease. The series combines high-tech cabinetry and drivers in a narrow form factor to produce a broad sound stage with precise imaging normally designated for ultra-high-end speakers.

Check out the Mythos ST-L. This floor-standing loudspeaker with built-in 1 200-W subwoofer is an ultra-high performer. The built-in subwoofer and reworked drivers, tweeter, amplifier, and user interface are all housed in an elegant extruded aluminium enclosure. This speaker is, simply put, a sonic marvel.

The Mythos XTR-60 on-wall or on-shelf ultra-thin loudspeaker is the leader of the XTR family of speakers, and a prime example of Definitive Technology’s cutting-edge designs.

There’s a lot more to this speaker than meets the eye. You’ll definitely love the clean, modern styling, but what you’ll love the most is the uncompromising sound quality and technological genius – the kind usually only reserved for full-sized speakers.

The Mythos SuperTower will give you full-on deep bass from its built-in SuperCube powered subwoofers for double the bass, minus the clutter of having to add separate subs to your setup.

Then there’s the Mythos SSA-50 solo surround array speaker. It’s a clever package this – you get all the thrills of a 5-speaker system in one smart little soundbar. The Definitive Technology Mythos Series SSA-50 uses patented Spatial Array technology to optimise the presentation of five unique channels, creating the illusion of separate audio sources.

We could go on and on about the Definitive Technology Mythos Series, but why not just come visit us at Homemation and experience superior audio for yourself?