Powerful audio, high performance,and streamlined aesthetics are all anyone wants when it comes to their at-homehi-fi components. Hours of research, however, are not enough to guarantee that youraudio investment is worth your time. One aspect upon which consumers can rely,though, is a trustworthy brand. The long-awaited revival of Michi by Rotelhas finally made its way to sunny South Africa, where audiophiles andmelomaniacs alike have been eagerly anticipating the re-release of this superbseries. But, why is this series so popular, and why are fans already displayingtheir blind devotion? We explore below.


What the Brand is About


Initially named “Roland”, Rotelwas founded in 1961 by Tomoki Tachikawa, after leaving the TV distributionbusiness. The 1970s saw a boom in the stereo industry, and the competition wasat an all-time high. From the beginning, the brand went against the grain andprioritised pure performance and audio accuracy, instead of the excessivefeatures saturating the market at the time. This dedication to high-qualitycomponents paid off, as many of the brand’s products, now decades old, arestill in service today. The company has always treated its reputation as highlypersonal, and its worldwide success is evidence of this.


In 1993, Michi by Rotelwas introduced as a high-performance series featuring a power amplifier,passive controller, and a phono equaliser. The series was an instant hit andbecame an iconic breakout star for the brand. The Michi of the 90s was astatement line which upped the global standard when it came to top-qualityhi-fi components – the big boys had come out to play.


A Series Reborn


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it –right? While most sequels seem a dismal failure, Michi by Rotel hasmanaged to astound both critics and fans with its ability to breathe new lifeinto the line. The series itself represents close to six decades of commitmentto no-frills, no-nonsense audio. Michi by Rotel took over three years todevelop, with designs that feature slit foil, bulk storage capacitors able touphold 32 high-current output transistors, as well as tailored oversizedtoroidal transformers set in epoxy-filled enclosures. The new series includes:


·      The S5Stereo Power Amplifier: Capable of delivering 500 watts per channelinto 8 ohms loads. The S5 provides exceptional bass, precise audio accuracy,and powerful, rich output.

·      The P5Preamplifier: When it comes to audio processing, the P5 comes with anextensive range of analogue and digital source inputs. Maintaining preciseaccuracy, rhythm, and timing, Rotel reveals their deep respect of audiofidelity through the P5’s design.

·      The M8Monoblock Power Amplifier: 1 080 watts of Class AB power into 8 ohms aswell as 1 800 watts to 4-ohm loudspeakers is the kind of performance you canexpect from the M8 model. Meticulous acoustic tuning of the critical componentsand their balanced circuit is evidence of Rotel’s attention to essentialdetails. 


Each component in the Michi byRotel series is not only a high-end performer but aesthetically luxurious.The beautiful industrial designs are all elegant, sleek, and sophisticated, andall include a high-resolution display panel in front.


If you are looking to get yourhands on any of the models in this revived line, contact us today to find outhow.